Beauty or anorexia?

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Beauty is one of the characteristics of Venezuelan women, we are known throughout the world largely because of the number of times that the crown of My Universe has been won and that is why a "label" has been created in Venezuelan society. who are the possible models of the generations. In families when a young girl starts her development, what is most mentioned is that she looks like a miss; but this has caused a problem in them, since, if at some point they are attacked for not being "thin" or as the world considers that they should be come circumstances to their life, such as depression.

Sometimes teenagers feel so pressured by that stigma dictated by a society that focuses on the stereotype of beauty as it is 90, 60, 90 coming to hate or hate their own body, to such an extent that they shout inside for help; considering anorexia as an exit to that circumstance.

Anorexia has been treated as a disorder in diet and behavior, since one is afraid of obesity. This disorder is common in young people who have sociocultural pressure product of the media or family members. Currently it is a disorder that seems to "control", despite the "wave" of young women in these moments require constant observation, because it is a disorder that can lead to death.

Now, an analysis of the attitudes constantly presented by a consumer society that manufactures a fashion that produces in women "modernity" is required, since the causes that cause this disease are multiple and present in our environment.

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How can we recognize this eating disorder?

In such a volatile society, due to the sudden changes that are experienced every day, it is necessary to be alert with adolescents, that is, if we observe low self-esteem, constant sadness, dislike of their physicality, insecurity, loneliness (isolating themselves, avoiding events in which food is served), have their identity in their body. A person with anorexia shows desires of physical attention, that is to say, their center and universe begins in their physical being wanting to be the most beautiful person, nevertheless, they feel that they are the ugliest of this world; observing himself before a mirror with sadness, criticizing every detail of his body.

How to control young girls who suffer from this disorder?

It is required that the relatives are in constant contact with these young people, because this will help them to have control of their routine, avoiding the exercises that generate weight loss, as well as modify their diet. Controlling the activities to be performed and in serious cases should be treated with psychological help and drugs.

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