What will our world be like in 50 years?

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We live on a planet that is inevitably being destroyed bit by bit with different factors that influence it, on the one hand is the exploitation of the soils with the extraction of oil and on the other the pollution caused by human activities. Humanity has no control over its own actions, we simply do things as we see fit, without having any responsibility for the actions taken by each one; The problems we observe on the planet, have an origin totally linked to society, since we can see different changes in the planet because of effects that have been born by our hand.

The greenhouse effect is a problem that is being more constant in our environment, causing unexpected climate change in different parts of the world, for many blaming others, less themselves, is the easiest, but here there is no one who can save from the guilt of this pollution and other problems that we live. Throughout history we have seen the attempt of many people to make campaigns that make the general population reason, seeing as impossible any idea of ​​reconsidering their actions.

Large companies have tried to reduce their contribution of polluting agents to the planet, but it has already been too late, because the problem is more than aggravated, that is why we must get the idea of ​​what our world will be like in 50 years ? Personally, I imagine that our countries will experience changes in their soils and the environment. The earth will live its worst years in the future, because to find a solution we must return the time to about 60 years ago, when we could still work based on a pollution-free world.

We are beings with great abilities and abilities, that move by unique senses, but it has become impossible for us to live without finishing the environment that we cohabit with other species, sincerely I believe that we are petrified in a life cycle that calls us to be better. Maybe in the near future fate will help us a little and we can find a more promising path than we have today. If we have ingenuity for many things, we must have it to solve the problems we have with our planet, the planet needs us and we need it, so we can not help but overcome the adversities that are in front of us.

Campaigns against pollution.

The campaigns are necessary to start a specific work on the behavior of society, but these do not ensure a change in the population, that is why campaigns should be focused on the enactment of benefits and / or sanctions by governments or entities. competent to those people who are considered guilty. The planet is not in a condition to continue the extraction of minerals or other materials or elements that are necessary for the quality of life, since by doing this activity it begins to affect the physical and chemical structure of the planet; We must leave our selfishness aside and begin to fight for the well-being of future generations, so that our planet can sustain life for many millions of years.


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