People who use High Speed Internet should be careful

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Be aware that people using high speed internet to run electronic devices like smartphones or laptops at home. One study cautioned that due to this your sleep quality can worsen. Not only can there be a fall in gold duration.

According to the researchers, the study found that people using Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) sleep less than 25 minutes compared to those who do not use DSL. DSL is the technology to get high speed internet. This facility is provided to the homes and offices through a normal telephone line.

Bocconi University of Italy and the American researcher of Pittsburgh University have come to the conclusion that the high speed internet may fall in the gold duration. Bocconi professor Francesco Bilary said, "As long as these people are advised to sleep, they sleep less than that. Scientists recommend sleeping for seven to nine hours. '

Scientists have identified 151 genes related to artificial fibrillation. Due to this problem, heartbeat becomes irregular. Because of this, more than three crore people worldwide are on the brink of stroke, heart failure and death. Researchers from the University of Michigan of America studied extensively for the detection of genetic factors of artificial fibrillation. So far, such factors have been unknown.

Michigan's Associate Professor Kristen Willer said, "We hope that the study of genes can be determined by how heartbeat can be kept normal. The problem of stroke and heart failure can be prevented due to the fact that early fibrillation is detected early.

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