He silences … your storm it will happen

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In times of adversity all people feel that we have a storm in our lives that is impossible to overcome and sometimes blame God for what is happening to us. Thinking that it is leaving us alone with that, feeling that the storm is superior to ourselves and our possibility of subsistence. And if we think a little, that every situation that happens to you is to teach us to overcome and prove to us that we have a God that just by identifying ourselves as what we are their children, we can silence the same typhoon if we wanted to.


In addition, let's observe a minute and reflect on the teaching we have had during our lives, thanks to all those lived whirlwinds. For example, when we have economic difficulties, we have the opportunity to resurface as an entrepreneur, remembering that great ideas are born of economic difficulties; but you think it visualizes entrepreneurs like Hilton who, despite the economic difficulties experienced during the crisis of the 29th, was able to recover.
Allow me to name another great person in the story, Job, a man who lost everything in just one day and never left God behind. Who more than that man capable of losing from his wealth to his family remember at some point the sun will come out and the storm will pass. Let us combine our earthly life with the spiritual life, strengthen the faith (the certainty of what is expected and the conviction of what is not seen), but consider it necessary to implement the faith since you believe that you will wake up every day and if you believe that, why not wait for the tribulation to happen ... Silent ... the storm will pass, do not complain you have authority in any situation there is no giant that can resist before the powerful God that you have.

We need to see the problem from another point of view, advancing in a learning situation to correct and also celebrate that we have every moment to shape our way.

Therefore, my dear friends, I invite you to remain silent to learn from the storm and to resurge accepting the opportunity given by your own life.

Blessings @blancabonilla

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