Where have all the people gone?

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Steemit used to be booming so what happened?

For a few months every post I wrote would take off like a rocket. Many had hundreds of comments and generally some support from those that read the articles. Then one day it was like someone turned off a spigot. Some of my dearest friends still like our posts but so many of our followers appear to have abandoned ship.


Has All Of The Bots Created This?

We dropped our promotion upvote bots when we could not aquire leased steem power any more. There simply wasn't any as most were trying to sell off and recoup their investments I feel. Steemit is a wonderful platform and the blockchain is sophisticated and booming so why are real people still not staying active and interacting with people as intended? I was wondering, having read many people concerns back in the day about upvote bots and promotion bots etc, if some of those people were correct. Many said that one day maybe only 10% of the accounts on Steemit would be real if they allowed all of the bots. But surely real people still use Steemit? Right?

Well we had some foresight no matter how you look at things. We decided to use our accounts at the end of 2017 to work towards building a whale pool and community driven platform with groups, and facebook style interactions with out the Cambridge shenanigans. With the steembottracker app many promotion bots we ran with all are gone and so many new ones exist I can't even keep count nay more. I'm sure there were more than the 20 or so we suggested back in the day and often used but I never would have seen hundreds or wanted to try and aggregate that data.

We for a long time would make upvotes on behalf of users as we had gotten pretty savvy with our own data to when and how much etc was a good time to bid for upvotes. Now that data will get you flagged as all of the rules have changed. I'm glad we left the dark side kind of. We do not have to worry about all of that kind of stuff as we do not sell upvotes or promotion services like that.

The https://SteemThat.com community invests into Steem Power and helps minnows who write quality content. We generally will support our members with upto 2 posts per day if we have the power. Giving many minnows the only earnings they will get that day. It used to not be like this. I promise there were better days and there will be better days ahead of us. This weekend we will buy our largest amount of Steem Power to date and ramp up the whale pool some. We are growing slow and steady and supplying more than just minnow support. If you get a moment swing by and check out where have made it so far. Much has changed and more will be developed as we push into this awesome year.

We are still working to get people to join Steemit.com

For the first time in a long time Steemit actually send us more traffic than we sent them. For that we are thankful but it has always been a good thing for both of us. We work with many people that are extremely new but get facebook style social media.

The way we have developed the platform is the way I would love to build it on the Steem Blockchain!

From time to time I have been vocal about some of the things done on Steemit. It isn't from a place of hate but love and desire to see it become uber successful. Which from some standings it is and from other view points it isn't. I understand I think the bigger picture in all of it now and do see more positives than negatives and applaud them for doing some development with the Steemit platform.

Though I'm still disgruntled about the logo change after I purchased shirts with the old logo because you just opened a store and unloaded a ton of merchandise and then bam changed the logo. I thought that was kinda of crummy to be honest. But sports teams do it all of the time right so it makes it ok. People will be laughing that I'm still talking about this. If these are my only legit complaints then no real worries.

As steemit pushes through the fire and they continue to get investment capital for more development I'm hopeful 2018 will be built even better than ever before. Perhaps they will take advantage to slow down the bots or let everyone in on the bot revolution and help everyone set up 100% automated bots and see which bots can earn the most from the rewards pool.

We will launch the Stish token event soon and raise the capital we need to build version 2.0 and my hopes are we can build our platform on chain. On the steem blockchain and change the whole way people interact and give the steem platform life.

Want you join me friends? Get your Stish together and join the crowd and take advantage of where we are going.


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Hey there. I have joined up. I have no idea how to really use it though so any tutorials or directions would be really helpful :)


We should build some soon and some videos too. There are a few posts that give some ideas about how people are using it. The community social portal is similar to Facebook. It is content focused and rewards are community driven for longer periods of time giving you time to share your posts and promote your content.

SteemThat has both full featured blogging available and micro blogging. There are groups you can join if you have a passion about a special topic or you can create your own groups. Chats and Private messaging is free. Comments are the life blood of any platform so we have really focused author and user rewards around comments. You will get the hang of it in no time!

To Help Take Advantage Of The Whale Pool See Auto Share : https://steemthat.com/auto-share/

Now it's a botland, the only real users left has also been involving in vote-selling so practically there are very few real eyes left.


Yes this is tragic. We need to find a way to get back to having people here.


It's hard now, they have to find other better option to attract people/investors which also have to satisfy the existing users in profit as they are getting involved in bot delegation and vote-selling.Seeing the improvement/development speed and maturity of the steemit team, I don't believe we will see any solution soon, community cannot deal with it anymore.


If enough of us band together I think we can revive things over time. I hope so anyway. I'm giving it a try @ https://steemthat.com. I wish more people would have listened to all of those saying the bots will ruin the platform.