Poem.You compare yourself,

in peom •  11 months ago

__________________ (26/05/18)

  • Sasim Shine,

Shyla Shyam, wide shoulder, uneven book
Vigorous spine, strong muscles, healthy,
Fine and long-lived Creepy Teeth Women.
The waist around the neck of the cubic hair
Sometimes it touches.

Ovum face, wide braided bottom
Two long-bent eyebrows-
The elegant eyes are both bright.

Monohri nose, two lips of rose ranga,
Well-groomed tooth, gourd sofa
Cure skin is transparent soft, color is bright black,
The sweat is like a pearl, a sparkling hilol.

Silk is very soft,
A walk stabilizing firm position, and more
Smooth face smoothed in the face,
You are the best woman in the world!

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