The pension crisis is bigger than the world’s 20 largest economies

in pension •  3 months ago

The pension shortfall is estimated to be at $70 trillion. This figure is more than the 20 largest economies combined.

Countries and corporations made promises to retirees that they cannot keep. A large part of the problem is demographic since western countries are seeing a lower birthrate. This creates the problem of fewer people to provide revenue to support the aging population.

This is an issue that few see changing course. The situation is only projected to get worse.


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its because of millions of migrants are coming into the country .the goverment wont pay for them .so we have to through our taxes ,cut to benefits ,housing ,jobs.if people cant see this they are blinded by guilt through the lies they have been told by the media,or the lies they have been told in history at your own books on history and not what you have been taught to believe.


That is just the start. Then as they refuse to assimilate the jihad will escallate. I really hope the using of military tribunals to target the deep state article was accurate.

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Like most economists are talking about in last few years...pensions will be gone in few decades. And this is not fear mongering