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In the tomb later for those who leave the five daily prayers a snake will appear named "Sujaul Aqra" He will say, to the dead with his voice like thunder: "I was told by God to beat you for leaving prayer from Fajr to Dhuhr, then from Dhuhr to Asar, from Asar to Maghrib and from Maghrib to Isha 'to dawn'. He was beaten from dawn to ascending the sun, then beaten and banged until he fell to the bowels of the earth because he left the Dhuhr prayer. Then he was beaten again for leaving the Asar Prayer, so on from Asar to Maghrib, from Maghrib to Isha 'time to the time of Fajr again. Thus continued torture by "Sajaul Aqra" until the Day of Judgment.

In Hell Hell there are wadis (valleys) in which there are snakes the size of the nape of a camel and a month long journey. It works nothing but bite people who do not pray during their lives. The snake can also bubbling in their bodies for 70 years so that the whole flesh of their body is destroyed. Then the body recovered, then bitten again and so on.
The Hadith's intention: "the one who leaves the prayer, Allah will deliver to him a large snake named" Suja'ul Akra ", whose eyes emit fire, have hands and iron nails, carrying heavy iron clubs."

Who is an arrogant person?

People who are arrogant are people who are given a living but do not want to bow down to those who make life that is, Allah Rabbul Alaamin, Lord of all nature. Then glorify all that is on the earth and in the heavens with His Lord except the devil and the proud man.

Who is the person whose heart has died?

People who have died in their hearts are people who are given instructions through Qur'anic verses, Hadiths and stories of goodness but feel that there is no impression in the soul to repent.

Who is the head of the brain?

The foolish head of the brain is a person who does not want to worship but thinks that God will not torture him with his negligence and often feel calm with his disobedience.

Who is a fool?

A fool is a person who sincerely tries his best for his world while his afterlife is ignored.

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