General Election 2019, 4 Voting Booths per TPS

in pemilu •  8 months ago

For the 2019 General Election, the General Election Commission (KPU) will provide four voting booths at each Voting Place (TPS). This number is struck flat on all polling stations with a maximum number of 300 voters per polling station.

"This amount we average. Indeed, the number of voters per TPS is only 100 or 200, but in PKPU (KPU Regulation) we write 4 chambers per TPS to be more effective in our financial planning, "said KPU KPU member, Pramono Ubaid on PKPU public test about Norma, Standard , Procedure for Procurement and Distribution of Electoral Equipment 2019, at the office of KPU RI, Menteng, Central Jakarta (19/3).

The four-room arrangement for a maximum of 300 voters per TPS is intended to speed up the voting process. Based on the calculation of counting that has been done KPU RI, each voter takes between 7 to 9 minutes to make the election.

"This is to speed up the movement of voters so that voting is sufficient until 1 pm. From the simulation, if a maximum of 300 voters, the vote count can be completed before 12 pm, "said Pramono.

The Election Law requires that voting and counting be conducted on the same day. Election 2019, Voters' Voters (KPPS) officers will count five types of ballot papers, namely the ballots of the Presidential Election (Pilpres), the election of members of the House of Representatives (DPR), the election of members of the Provincial DPR, the election of Regency / City DPR Members, and Election of Members of the Regional Representative Council (DPD).

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