Airdrop Scam

in #pelo3 years ago

Guys There is a scammer out there taking advantage of the Omisego Airdrop to scam unwitting individuals. Please be extremely careful and vigilant! This guy has stolen over $30K in ETH since Friday 9/8/2017. I happened to be one of the victims of this A-hole, and I still cannot believe it because I am usually smarter than that (burn in hell mf), and that is why I am posting this story on Steemit, my first post actually. This guy is using a MyEtherWallet with the public address "0x7E054e0F3153caDbe040e325099a6E1d7EB4454a". I just checked the transactions on the ether blockchain and it looks like people are still falling for this scam. He is using this website "" to lure people into giving up their private keys. Please broadcast this memo to everyone you know in the crypto space. And I repeat please be vigilant, do not under any circumstances give your private keys to anyone. And do not click on the above link if you receive an email from Omisego's slack platform with instructions to follow the said link to claim your airdrop! Below is the a screen shot of the email message that this A-hole of a scammer is sending out to people!

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 1.50.50 PM.png

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