Slow Return

in #peliculas5 years ago (edited)

FIRST POST IN 6 MONTHS (Is it me or html tags don't work)

Hi guys, I just wanted to inform that I will try to resume my duties as a steemian and member of this ever-evolving community soon. 6 months have passed after my last post about MUGEN (Which wasn't even translated to english, I think, and yes, im bilingual: Spanish and English, learning more languages soon!). While I was out, someone took over my account and started posting Spanish torrent movies. (In fact this very post is an edited edition of one of those other posts). I got it back, so soon we'll be returning to normal programming.

However, 2 months have also passed since the internet on my house stopped working (Venezuela, Inter, no surprise for anyone who lives here), so my return will be sluggish. I'll try to remember to post an English version of my MUGEN post to anyone whos inter(NOPUN)ested .

Schizophrenia, signing out

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