Pick for June 22th #pele23worldcupcontest Brasil - Costa Rica

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Pele23 World Cup contest

The pick for friday 22th of June Brasil - Costa Rica. The second game of group E of this World Cup, with the other teams in the group Switzerland and Serbia playing later that day.

The rules of this daily contest are pretty simple:

  1. You upvote this post
  2. You comment with your prediction of this game AND the minute of the first goal. The official FIFA statistics are the ones that will be used for comparison.
  3. Be sure you have the correct home team!
  4. The winner will be notified and will receive all SBD of this post in exactly 7 days.
  5. If there is no winner, the SBD will added to the pick of the next day!
  6. Feel free to resteem, the more competitors, the better!
  7. No editing of your original prediction, and the contest stops when the first ball is kicked of the game of the contest!

Example: 3-1, first goal 23rd minute

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Brasil vs Costa Rica

Brasil shot itself in the foot in the first game against Switzerland by being very complacent. Now Neymar is very doubtful for the game against Costa Rica, which brings the pressure on the team very high. Costa Rica lost against Serbia and needs at least one point to stand a chance to go through to second round.

Today, another winner has been found, @grof guessed the score of Portugal - Morocco correctly as the only one. @grof your SBD will be on its way in 5 days.

I tag the users that wanted to be notified for the posts of this contest:
@cryptobols @steem-d-anlovnit @apple96 @grof
@suheri @markthepoolman @chefvince @airdropking
@fullcoverbetting @katiuskagomez @louzam @carlito13
@mplacido @texasbodi @djoker @dianagomez
@csharma @tonybless @barbadosso @antorchajohnny
@mepatriot @shaheerbari @jonelescalona @sportsjrfc2018
@rigor @salazarcag @banditqueen @development21
@rikzar @meybuttowski @tomlabe @sarkostas
@josegtoro10 @edgarf1979 @siomara-2018 @kathechan
@luism86 @feebie @gsegovia @odogwu.felix
@yocritico @stalexmkl @hellenita @chefvince
@sljivanono @crosport @dubydoo25 @development21
If you want to be added to this list for the next pick, let me know!

Good luck,



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2-1, first goal 29rd minute

1-0, first goal 73rd minute

26 minutes

Brasil 2-0
First Gol min 42

3 - 0, 1st goal 10th min

Brazil 1 - 1 Costa Rica
First Goal 32nd minute

Brazil 1 - 0 Costa Rica
First Goal 55nd minute

1 - 1
first goal 41st minute

2-1, first goal 20 minutes

brasil 2 costa rica o gol 15min