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Times are rolling with crucial changes. At present this is seen as those who are pro with the Islamic ideas of the archipelago are those who used to support liberal Islamic ideas. If we look at liberal Islamic agendas, we will find the connection between western imperialism, liberal Islam and Nusantara Islam.

Luthfi Asyyauqani, one of the JIL activists once mentioned honestly, the four main agendas of the birth of Liberal Islam. first, the political agenda, Second, religious tolerance, all three women's emancipation and the fourth agenda of freedom of expression and voicing opinions.
In the political agenda, Muslims are "directed" by JIL to believe in secularism, and reject the Islamic government system. In the agenda of plurarism, this group calls for all religions to be true, there can be no truth claims. The agenda of women's emancipation is to totally generalize the role of the rights of men and women, and the agenda of freedom of expression, such as the right to non-religion, is not much different from the political agenda above.

Note that all of these ideas are ultimately returned to the ideology and interests of the imperialists. Therefore, it is very difficult - not to say - to seek the roots of these thoughts purely from Islam, except after passing through the Qur'anic texts and hadith. For example theology of pluralism considers all true religions, actually derived from the results of the Vatican Council II 1963-1965 which created the principle of extra ecclesium nulla salus (outside of Catholicism there is no salvation) to be inclusive-pluralist theology, which states that salvation may be outside Catholicism. Looking at the form of the developing Islamic Archipelago now, it is none other than a metamorphosis or manifestation of Liberal Islam that must be brought back to peaceful thinking.

Source: https://www.jacobabshire.com/musings/wallpapers/wednesday-wallpaper-peace-with-you/


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