Don't let unnatural fears hit students

in pehtem •  7 months ago

All understand that when in school, students have the obligation to learn, gain knowledge presented by the teacher, both directly and indirectly. Students come to school to get a lot of new knowledge, which they did not previously have. With this pretext, parents fully entrust the affairs of the transfer of knowledge carried out by the teachers at the school to their students.

Schools absolutely need a positive environment for all residents. Positive in the sense of providing a sense of security and comfort for all, both students and teachers. This will have a holistic effect on the process and the end result of education in schools. So that eliminating it will make the school like a scary place. A challenge for us teachers in the eastern world. Why do we allow unnatural fears to haunt this nation's children? Fear begins when going to school, fear of being late, forgetfulness doing homework, forgetfulness of the completeness of school attributes, and others. When in school, fear increases, fear of not understanding the lesson, fear of not being able to complete the task, fear of not being able to answer the exam, fear of not having friends, and other fears. And to the end of the school process, children have great fear, fear of not passing the national examination, fear of low grades, fear of not being able to go to university. Let's throw the slogan to lose before competing.


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