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A bit on Zimbabwe and third world country economics here.

The minimum wage in third world countries is shockingly low. Yet in the states it is $10/hour. Let that sink in a bit.

Our normal working day here is 8hours. That would be $80/day. A five day week would mean $400/week. That’s about $1,600/month. As opposed to some of the meager minimum wage salaries here of between $150 and $370/ month. That’s to say nothing of the inflation and the fact that these people would then buy cash on the black market at stupid percent if they needed to. I think we really need to change the way third world countries operate in this regard and how they value their workforce. Think about this for a minute.

Have you ever heard the these sentences before? Be the change you want to see. Or if you want to change the world, change yourself. We can’t expect to change other people but we can do things everyday that make contributions to the changes that we want to occur.

An idea and mindset that I wish I had when I first started working and especially after the 2008/2009 crap with the economy going pear shaped is that I wish I had the fore site to think in terms of earning or exchanging and then keeping foreign currency. Especially the USD. Our currency here has gone to shit not just once but 3 times. But many many currencies have been effected by inflation and their values have dropped significantly. So one positive at least in this whole crap storm is that I’m getting a bit of a step up in terms of USD value from cryptocurrency. I’m hedging against this and I’m enabling myself to have access to USD outside of the country that I can use here and that is not inflated like the other currencies here are. I highly recommend you look for ways of receiving or converting funds into foreign currency or assets.

That being said I don’t really give a shit who has the presidency as long as they get off their asses and do something to sort the economy out. But in the interim, I will carry on having this mind set of not relying that to happen in order for me to be more financially self sufficient so to speak. So for people living in these countries with failing currencies, this would be a good idea for you as well. These countries have had so many people leave. So many of my friends have moved away because of the bull shit here. But this self sufficiency would work, be accessible and usable wherever a person is in the world. Crypto integrates very well into the global economy and is in fact the back bone of it.

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