Resuming work on Peer Query and the Steem Institute after Steempedia

in peerquery •  7 months ago

This month I have been caught up with development work on Steempedia and have not been able to work on Peer Query and the Institute.

With Steempedia ready and live I am back.

Peer Query

I would be doing an update to Peer Query to resolve some of challenges and missing features of the site. I would also complete the incorporation as well as set up a team to run the beta version.

The Steem Institute

In a few days I would publish the Institute paper which would outline the way for ward with the Institute.

I apologize to the Peer Query community as well as the Institute community for leaving suddenly and abruptly. Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

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hi @dzivenu, I have been following peerqueriy for a while, I even remember first seeing your post on one discord server but never realized you were a Ghanaian untill today.

I will like us to communicate more on discord, I just joined your server.
We are trying to round up all the Steemit Ghana members into one house