Quick update!!! Bugs fixed!!

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Well, this has not been very good for business - Peer Query alpha has been plagued with bugs, bugs everywhere. It's my fault as in typo errors which block Javascript from executing while other times it turns out that things work well on my localhost, yet when they are on the server the result is not the same.

I am sorry for this bugged update, please bear with me! I have fixed certain bugs including:

  • Login broken bug
  • Publish page previous post bug
  • and a few other bugs. Please report new bugs through the comment area so I can fix them as soon as possible, thank you.

If you couldn't fully explore the alpha due to bugs, its time to explore again > https://www.peerquery.com

Thank you for your patience!


there's a new major update!

what is this site for?can u plz explain

I don't earn enough vote.. is that a bug? :-D .. sorry joking. its not a big issue that there is some bug , its great that u have fixed those. :-)

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Wow! nice post.. Thanks for giving the news.. I like your post very much.. Keep it up.. Stay blessed be happy.. Thank you.. @johurul720

It's good
I wanna try it

as always , awesome post !

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Nice post hopefully there is a change

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