Peer Query wallet in pictures: See your Voting power, Authorized apps, witness votes and advanced account details

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How to access your wallet from profile page

How to access your wallet page from any page

After logging in, click on the user avatar dropdown to see the option of your account:

How to access wallet of any account

In this post I will use my own account @dzivenu, however to explore your own account, use the following URL and edit the following link by changing the username to your own.

Account overview details

In the area highlighted in a red rectangle, you will be able to see the details of an account such as:

  • creation date
  • whether or not it was mined
  • account proxy
  • last post time
  • total posts
  • reputation
  • recovery account
  • if account ownership is challenged
  • next power down date
  • worth of account's 100% upvote

See current bandwidth

See current voting power

See your account wealth

In the area highlighted in red, you will be able to see an account's:

  • Steem Dollars
  • Steem tokens
  • Steem power
  • Delegated Steem Power
  • Account worth

See your authorized apps

See witness votes

Public account keys

If you have any questions let me know through the comment area. More updates are coming soon! Upvote and resteem to support my work on Peer Query.

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Realy nice post.i love this post.

Really good features! I am wondering when it will open sourced so that we can also contribute?

I had wanted to complete most of it before releasing it by the end of the month, however due to some new developments, perhaps I will release it next week

thanks for your interest

hi... @dzivenu also from ghana...please follow..i want to chat with you personally...hope it will be possible

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this tool is great
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