Peer Query Giveaway Updated: win 5 Steem with promotion for a new project!

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imageThe contest has been updated to 10 winners who receive 5 Steem each. In addition to receiving Steem, new project reports will be promoted to our Facebook page and to the Steem community!

What is Peer Query?

Peer Query is an open source project listing and collaborations site. You can list a project, create tasks or bounties(queries), invite others to join the project(coming soon) as well as write project progress reports.
Peer Query reports are actually Steem posts, meaning the community can vote, comment and resteem your posts. We soon set up a curation service to curate and reward inspirational projects reports.

What is the giveway about?

We are still in the early beta and would want to community to begin to use the product. Peer Query is built on Steem, and we are inviting the community to begin trying out Peer Query.

How do I participate?

1) Securely login to Peer Query

You need a Steem account on use Peer Query. If you do not have one please sign up here or buy your account Block Trades.
With your Steem account, all you have to do is click on the login button at the top navbar of the site.
You would be re-directed to Steem Connect so you never share any account keys with Peer Query. After authorizing our app on Steem Connect, you would be redirected back to Peer Query.

2) Create your first project!

Now its time to create your first project!. Visit the create portal and select project. Fill out all required fields about your project. Publish your new report.

3) Create your first report!

Publish a report to introduce your project to the community. Describe the purpose, plan, and story of your project in a report on Peer Query. Remember to link your new report to the respective project:

4) That is all

You are done. You can promote now your project and report to your peers. One or more winners would be selected each day for the giveaway package.

What does the package include?

The initial package has been updated. For every user whose work is curated, they would receive:

  1. 5 Steem tokens instantly
  2. Promotion of the project to our Facebook page
  3. Promotion of project to the whales and devs community for potential support

Giveaway guidelines/recommendations

  • The would be only 10 winners in total for this current contest. We would soon add a curation service to reward the community's work.
  • Only one work per author would be selected. If you produce multiple projects, we would curate only one.
  • To give your project more visibility, kindly fill out the fields: Steem account, Facebook page, and website. This would allow your project to be featured on the home page and among the featured project.
  • We would curate only high-quality projects.
  • The giveaway begins today and at the end of every day(24 hours) one or more winners would be announced in a post.
  • Currently, we do not split author rewards, so come on and try us out. You have nothing to lose.
  • Kindly note that Peer Query is a Ghanaian enterprise and our curation would be themed in compliance with the laws of Ghana.

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Participate now!


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Site is looking great! :) Posted my project & report.
good luck to all!

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