Peer Query giveaway for today: 40 Steem more to give away!

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About today's giveaway

As at now. We don't yet have any participants. However, @ChrisAiki receives 5 Steem for his 2 million trees by 2020 project.

How to participate?

You only have to do these two things:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Create an introductory report on the project

What is the package?

Everyday 10 projects will be curated and the creators will receive 1 Steem each as tokens of participation.

Why should I use Peer Query?

While still in the early beta. We already have a wonderful product for project listing, custom query and reporting. Lots of improvement are on the way.

Read more about the contents here: Peer Query: 40 Steem Giveaway to early adopters.

Published on Peer Query - Blockchain-powered p2p collaboration.

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I really recommend PeerQuery , a collaborative website that will empower all the community and help us to build more projects.


I see, you want to plant trees huh?


Yes, I do, don't you ?