First two winners of the peer Query project give away. 8 more winners to go

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We have two winners for our 5 Steem per new project giveawayMultidimensional Presence and E I have joined 2 Million Trees by 2020 and SAFLT on Peer Query.

The giveaway

Peer Query is giving away 5 Steem for every new project listed on our site. We built Peer Query for Steemians and now we are inviting them to come to try out our beta version.The package includes:

  1. 5 Steem tokens instantly
  2. Promotion of the project to our Facebook page
  3. Promotion of project to the whales and devs community for potential support

The winners

1) Multidimensional Presence by @trayan

2) E I by @eii

The winners have received 5 Steem each and have their projects posted to our Facebook page. Visit the projects' respective pages to learn more about these projects.

8 more winners to go

We still have 8 more winners to award. If you have any interesting project, kindly consider listing it on Peer Query. While still in development, with your support we hope to build a platform for supporting project authors and contributors.
We intend to setup a curation team to curate and reward(votes and promotion) the reports of the best projects.

Join the giveaway

Join the giveaway now for free. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign in to Peer Query securely via Steem Connect
  2. Create your new projects and fill in the relevant fields
  3. Include your project's Steem account, website Facebook page if possible
  4. Create a new introductory report attached to your project

Learn more about the giveaway here:
Peer Query Giveaway Updated: win 5 Steem with promotion for a new project!

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Thank you very much @dzivenu!

Thank you very much!
I enjoyed your platform and how it has enabled me to use animated gifs for cover and profile pic :) Probably there're a lot more useful features, that I am about to find out...