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in peerplays •  11 months ago

Hey there,

I would like to announce that i took a couple off to setup
This hooks into the PeerPlays TESTNET called PPYTEST.
You can find the github repository on

The page itself does currently not contain any data, but I deployed

I also just released A NEW VERSION OF
, you can
install with

pip3 install peerplays

or upgrade with

pip3 install --upgrade peerplays

You will be able to import the account from the data of the paper wallet

peerplays importaccount <accountname>

Have fun!

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Thanks for sharing!

@xeroc thanks for helping out the PPY community - excited to get things rolling with HelmBet / 8 / etc... !

Welcome python-peerplays

Great @xeroc and thank you very much from the community and (future) users!

Great developing for pythoners !!!!

Count me in. Just heard about this.

Great job @xeroc and best application...

Thank you for your upvote. Your work here is worth emulating, and do pass by from time to time. Support from people like you here encourages others very much. Regards.

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I found you on post about streemian. Please help.