@rondonson PeerPlays Witness Proposal

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This is my proposal for peer plays witness.

In the last 2 months I have become extremely interested in DPOS blockchain technology. After arriving here on planet SteemIT it took me a few days to grasp the concept, and it wasn't long after that i was setting up a server to become a steemit witness.

Currently i witness for 2 other DPOS blockchains, SteemIT and DECENT. Right now i rank #4 on the DECENT witness list (this could change), and i have been witnessing blocks there since day one and only have 1 missed block. I am also a back up witness here on SteemIT and have been meeting my duties with this position.

As you can see i am familiar with DPOS and setting up servers and a witness. I may be new here, but i said before in my original witness proposal that i am not new to Linux or server administration. I went to college for network security administration and i have been a tech geek and hobbyist since as far back as i can remember. It has not taken me long to grasp this technology and setting up and securing a server to witness for these blockchains.

I am asking for your witness approval because i feel i have proven myself to be a reliable witness here and now on the DECENT network as well. And not only that, i have also proven myself to be a competent sysadmin, who understands how to properly secure a network. I hope to get the support of some of the other witnesses here who have seen me work and have seen my dedication to these blockchain technologies. I run a dedicated server for DECENT and i also run a seed node on that network, i also run a dedicated box for my SteemIT witness and also Peerplays.

Main Server Details

  • Dedicated
  • 32 GB Ram
  • Quad-Core Xeon Processor
  • German location

Backup Server Details

  • VPS
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 100GB SSD
  • Quad-Core

To vote for me in cli_wallet vote_for_witness youraccount rondonson0 true true
You can also vote for me in the peerplays GUI wallet. You can download the wallet here https://github.com/PBSA/peerplays-core-gui/releases


I understood about 2% of this. LOL I still got lots of learning left to do in the cryptocurrency world

Nice post , peerplays are looking good long term

Nice to see you here on witness PPY, and please feel free to run a seed node and count my melea-priceless vote when you have it, for now melea-trust vote for you.

I would love a vote too if you have extras :) Witness: Johnstor5

@raymonjohnstone im going to vote for you.

Thank you man. You have no idea what it means to me.

Great post , thank you so much for sharing
following you

Great to see emerging technologies on Steem!
Great post and project!

@gunsmasterrock i am a witness, not the same as a miner.

Hey man, I'm a tech guy but server stuff confuses me lol

What's the exact machine you use? Like are you paying for a server or hosting one yourself?

Sorry, complete noob questions, but I am hoping to set up a witness node myself.

Where at if you don't mind me asking?

well, i really do not understand much of this. Thanks for sharing this post.

Awesome Rondon I will put you onto my vote list as soon as I get mine :) Also I have thrown my hat in as well. :)