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The following document contains many important details about Peerplays, including an outline of the Primary Crowdfund, the finalized token allocations, sneak previews of our development plans, an analysis of the industry, and an overview of the PBSA.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at, or you can ask Jonathan or Michael in person during our weekly live hangout and Q&A session on the Beyond Bitcoin Show. Here’s how to join:

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!

The Peerplays Team


Even I (a non-gamer who has never played a computer game) am starting to get excited! This is going to be big. I guess investing is kinda like gaming, right?

Very interesting. Looking forward to the crowdfund in a few days. I'm seeing a lot of international interest in blockchain & crowd bet takers & casinos over the past few months. To the nay-sayers that look at this as a risk; of course it's a risk that's why it is called investing and not 'a sure thing'. You take your best educated guess based on the data you are provided, and you put your money where your mouth is... or you don't. I wish the best of success to the Peerplays team, great job so far!

I went to, asked a question, and it has been ignored, so I hope you don't mind asking it here: When Peerplays did the snapshot last year, I owned Bitshares and found out I received Peerplays tokens. I bookmarked the website where I found them but that site is now gone. What happened and how can I locate the tokens again? Thanks.

As I am echoing @onceuponatime, there is a build up of excitetedment around the upcoming Primary Crowdfunding. Congratulations on the progression of this project and a big thank you for keeping us informed about it all too! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Maximum PPY supply 15,000,000 ?
~6,000,000 initial if crowdfund succeeds
9,000,000 reserve fund


The Maximum supply is 15MM, which is similar to how the maximum supply of Bitcoin is 21MM, even though only 17MM bitcoins exist right now. Only 6MM PPY will exist at the launch of the blockchain, but the reserve pool is needed in order to pay witnesses, just as the bitcoin "reserve pool" (the difference between the current supply of 15MM and the final supply of 21MM) is needed to pay bitcoin miners. Witness pay is performed automatically when each block is signed, and consensus vote of all PPY holders is needed if any other other funds were ever to be moved from the reserve.

Seed crowdfunders received 20% of the max supply of Peerplays token. The message was there will never be more peerlays tokens available.
Now you say these investors receive ~33% of the final allocation (last mumble) but actually it is only ~13%.
I think that is a broken promise.
How fast can the reserve fund drain out?

An on-chain "reserve pool" is a requirement for almost every blockchain consensus technology that exists right now. All blockchains must pay the block signers, and this pay comes from a pool of tokens which are reserved, meaning that they don’t exist until certain parameters are met. In the case of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Proof-of-work blockchains, the new tokens are released to the miners from this reserve each time a new block is signed. As I mentioned earlier, Bitcoin's "reserve pool" is an additional 40% of the total bitcoins that exist right now (21MM minus 17MM).

For most proof-of-stake blockchains, tokens from their “reserve pools” are released in a similar fashion (block rewards), but some proof of stake blockchains also allow holders to utilize on-chain work proposal systems. Dash, for example, owes a good deal of their recent success to their holders’ use of Dash’s on-chain work proposal and voting system to fund the development of related infrastructure.

There are also examples of Blockchain communities with stakeholders who have voted to severely restrict the use of their on-chain work proposal systems, so that few if any new tokens have been created. For example, did you know that the maximum supply of BitShares is actually 3.6 Billion? You probably didn’t know this, because virtually none of these “reserved” tokens (a fraction of a percent in the past 2 years) have ever been used to support work proposals. This is simply the choice of Bitshares stakeholders - there is nothing inherently right or wrong about this.

It is not our place to limit the freewill choice of the Peerplays token holders to utilize work proposals to whatever extent they wish. If the majority of PPY holders do not vote on proposals, then none of the reserved tokens will ever exist. I hope this helps bring more clarity to this issue.

I am very familiar with BitShares, the reserve fund (the need for) and the actual maximum supply of BTC and BTS as well as the history of broken promises on Graphene based projects.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a strong supporter of Peerplays but you are starting a new Graphene chain again with broken promises.
I'd like to remind you that the reserve fund should be 5% and not 60%.

We are not talking about small adjustments!

Is this round 2? Didn't you guys already canvass the communities for funds once before? Is this another Bitshares related scam?

The only BitShares-reation here is that they have donated a portion of PPY to BTS holders and that the code base it similar.

Yes, just like STEEM, only it pays dividends. One man's scam is another man's robot employer.

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