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 The first Peerplays on-chain game has arrived!

Join the Peerplays testnet right now and be a part of blockchain history

Peerplays is about replacing the need for for centrally controlled and restricted online gambling platforms with a provably-fair and open wagering system. Hold on to your joysticks folks...we are about to crash the party. Today, the world's first real-time interactive game built entirely on the blockchain is ready for you to play!Since all games on Peerplays take place peer-to-peer, you must have a partner or group of people to play against. Here are some suggestions for finding partners:

  • Invite a friend or family member to create an account and join you.
  • Head over to the Peerplays RocketChat channel and find a community member to play with.
  • Create a tournament with a future start time, and specify the number open seats for players, and then wait for people to join. The video below explains more about how to create and join tournaments.


The Peerplays test net uses the exact same blockchain technology that will soon be launched on the main net, and thus it stands as a true working prototype. We want to thank the Peerplays community - we wouldn't have gotten this far without all your support. Please stay tuned - some major announcements are coming shortly!*There may be periodic down time on the test net, as fixing bugs is a part of testing. If you experience any glitches or odd behavior, please share your feedback at


This is so thrilling, can't wait to see what's around the corner from here as we are moving forward with this history changing technology! Joy... Thanks a bunch for sharing and namaste :)

Congratulations! And thanks for breaking the news on the Friday morning #beyondbitcoin mumble session!

Wow, you guys are amazing. When I saw the project that you took on with the Bunker I knew that nothing could stop you. So glad that I have shares in Peerplays! CONGRATULATIONS!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Wow this is really cool. Its a simple game but probably one of the first full-on blockchain games there are. Great work!!

Pretty cool. Think member will one day be able to play Texas Holden on the platform?

Congratulations. I know that you guys have bee working very hard and for a very long time to bring this project to success. Great job!

So exciting, I can not believe this is going to be a real platform. The future is here!

Nice design team! Can't wait to play it for real tokens. Just bought some more Peerplays, I think this company has great potential to be a $100m company.


MTG would be an awesome addition hah

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