A Short Recap of the Malta Blockchain Summit

in #peerplayslast year

Last week, we (Cory & Eoin) attended the Malta Blockchain Summit (MBS) in St. Julian’s, Malta. Let’s start by painting a picture to give you the full experience.

Day one, the queue to get inside numbered in the hundreds and it lasted all day long. Partially by luck and partially by being nice, PBSA’s booth was located just as you entered the conference - meaning every single person who walked into the room had to walk by PBSA. And then again on the way out. This made for a very busy first (and second) day.

So, who stopped by the booth? Well, everyone. But first, a bit of backstory. Many who’ve been following the PBSA/Peerplays/BookiePro journey over the past few weeks know that we’ve made the decision to white label BookiePro. The timing of this pivot aligned almost perfectly with Malta, and the trip would unofficially act as a barometer of general interest from the industry as a whole. We were not disappointed!

Immediately upon setting up, we were approached by individuals saying, “Wow, my Client X is looking for a blockchain betting solution.” Or, “My company has been thinking about entering this arena.” Or, “I think I know someone who’d be interested in this, let me put you in touch with them.”

And that’s how it went for two days, 10 hours/day.

Add to that the fact there were two of us present, with one manning the booth (usually Cory) and another walking the floor (usually Eoin). It was on the floor that dozens more fruitful conversations were initiated and even more relationships developed. It’s one thing to visit a company’s website, but to be able to approach the founders and developers in person and ask questions about their products and services, that was invaluable. Over the next couple weeks we’ll be following up with every contact made, leading up to the SiGMA iGaming Summit, also taking place in Malta.

Being at the Malta Blockchain Summit only strengthened our belief that a B2B/white label approach with BookiePro is the right decision, and we’re heads-down executing our plan as you read this. We have a solid vision and strategy in place, and we’re excited to see where this takes us!


The PBSA Team