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I would like to propose myself as witness for Peerplays:

My background is in IT and programming. I administrate and monitor servers for more than 20 years. Since some time I am validating blocks for several altcoin blockchains. I am first round pre-ICO investor in Peerplays, as well having a stake in Bitshares. I am also involved with testing and implementing new features for some projects, in particular interoperability between blockchains. As a witness I will operate a professionally administrated node hosted on a quality dedicated server with best in class DDoS protection. The servers will be located in offshore jurisdictions with a friendly regulatory environment.

primary node
dedicated server, Intel Xeon, 32GB ram, 2x480GB ssd  (Singapore, deployed when elected)

backup node
vps, 4GB ram, 4 core, 160GB ssd  (Singapore, currently running as primary node)

seed node
vps, 8GB ram, 6 core, 200GB ssd  (Hong Kong, good for access from China)

I am not active on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. I am more technically-oriented and can help with other tasks. However, I would sponsor media campaigns, and I will also be present in the Peerplays channels helping with customer support. I have the time and dedication for doing the role of witness well. As investor I will do my best in contributing to make Peerplays a big success.

Thanks for your vote. For contact you can find me in the Peerplays channels. 

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