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Hello everyone en Crypto Lands

And to PPY Holders one special virtual hug!

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I am very proud to present the structure of my Witness network For the Peerplays Blockchain.

  "melea-trust" MAINNET


 "melea-witness" TESTNET


As of today I have arranged a total of 8 servers all wit SSD {solid-state drive (SSD) or solid-state disk} distributed in different data-centers around the world for the Peerplays network and I have structured it in the following way.

 $PPY Mainnet SEED #1.=  Warsaw - Poland SEED #2.=   Gravelines- France  WITNESS.=  Beauharnois - Canada (IP FO) API NODE (IP BLOCKED) API NODE.=  Gravelines - France 

 $PPY TESTNET SEED .=  Beauharnois- Canada Witness. =  Limburg - Germany  (IP FO) API NODE .=  Strasbourg - France France (IP Blocked) API NODE


In pictures "melea-trust" Servers PBSA

 Seeds, Witness, API Nodes.


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To protect the servers of Peerplays from the worldwide infrastructure, Witness-MELEA-trust have firewall integrated in its anti-DDoS solution: The network firewall. It is an option that allows limiting the exposure of services to attacks from the public network.
This image shows how it works.

Screenshot from 2018-04-15 22-04-20.png

To protect the API NODES or API servers; have an additional protection of double external firewall and an ip failover service and one server for reserve. Image below.

Screenshot from 2018-04-15 22-04-07.png

if you want to see the bigger images I suggest you visit the twitter and click on the image

And The firewall is activated automatically in each DDoS attack. In the case that it is deactivated. Not here.


melea-trusts witness servers have it active. and in the case of the Api Nodes Peerplays servers, they are isolated from the outside and only listen to the IP FO. So an API node has two external Firewall.

Screenshot from 2018-04-16 20-58-36.png


Vote for my witness if you think this is a good structure to protect the Peerplays network.

Being a witness is a 24x7x365 day job. I can do it.
I only ask you a moment to vote for me.

 WITNESS melea-trust

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I thank you for voting for my Witness melea-trust; if you think I'm doing a good job. Otherwise tell me what to improve to be a better witness and get your vote.

Now i am the number 15º from the list of actives witness. (Thanks to your vote for making this possible.)

If you want to vote the instructions here.

Twitter Melea

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Peerplays Web

Twitter Peerplays

Telegram Peerplays

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Next Peerplays APPS

 Bookie Beta

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If you want to know more about Bookie or BookieExchange

  Trade or Buy  Peerplays Tokens, $PPY ?


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DEX (I recommend 100%) Supports works. Is DEX No need KYC or any verification process. You hold your tokens. not the exchange.

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 Thank you for being there. ✊️