AGS/PTS were converted to BTS. Excluding all the supporters of the time that followed AGS/PTS wouldn't be fair.

To be honest I'm a little saddened by how few have honored the original 'social contract' that was the premise for AGS/PTS donations - including Dan himself with Steemit. Bitshares/Steemit/Peerplays/Graphene would not exist without that crucial first round of funding that started it all, and yet those that took a leap of faith by investing in a startup running on hope and dreams have largely been forgotten in the excitement of the now-mature tech actually making some serious money!

I do agree that AGS/PTS has been converted to BTS and I personally haven't sold a single bitshare, so I'll be fine. But aside from grouching a bit on dilution, it's just the point. The earliest investors took a huge risk based on a 'social contract' that has not panned out so far.

Anyways, kudos for voluntarily recognizing the Bitshares community! I'm following your project and several others built on the platform; the tech is amazing and the next couple years are going to be crazy fun!

Yeah, I really wish that, as BTS holders, we received a sharedrop for STEEM. That would have been quite a payday!

So BTS holder never got a sharedrop for STEEM ?

I'm an AGS holder from a while back but I completely missed this conversion to BTS. Can you point me somewhere I can get more information about it?
download BTS 0.9.3c
download Blockchain
import AGS Keys
export Wallet 0.9.3c
download BitShares 2.0
import Wallet 0.9.3c
claim balances
backup wallet

that's the procedure more or less