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RE: Announcement – BTS Snapshot Date

in #peerplays5 years ago (edited)

Looking forward to this. PEERPLAYS has already seen a 4x gain since the initial $2/share offering. Looking forward to some amazing things from these guys! For those of you who appreciate piston and the work done by @xeroc, this is the next tech to follow.


Yep, the concept is solid and the execution so far has been first rate! The devs have been around the Bitshares community for quite a while and are a great bunch of people. Everything is lining up for a moonshot...

Seems like more than a 6x gain so far. :)

It's not a gain in price it self, but giant potential of a PEERPLAYS will attract investors! Make a profit from hosting or taking part of any kind of online tournament! That sounds to me like an ocean of opportunities..

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