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I am asking for your vote to be a peerplays witness. I will ensure that my witness runs reliably in the us-east-1 region of AWS. This witness will operate in an autoscale group behind an AWS load balancer 24/7. I will maintain feeds faithfully and keep my node secured from unauthorized entry and patched monthly to ensure proper security.


I have been involved in IP networks, Unix server administration, AWS deployments, and software development for 30 years and have the skillset required to create fault-tolerant server configurations.


I have held or hold PTS, AGS, BTS, STEEM, SP, SD, PEERPLAYS. I have been moderately active in all communities centered around Dan Larimer’s innovations and have tried always to contribute and communicate sincere intentions. I am an advocate for the graphene blockchain toolsets and have been responsible for bringing in equity from many mid-size investors. I have also worked on the bitshares-ui, gradually improving areas that are/were ambiguous.


I have been an active participant in the Peerplays Witness telegram channel, interacting with members to assist and enhance documentation enabling new Witnesses to come onboard with less friction.

Thanks for taking the time to review my qualifications and please take a moment to vote for me in your peerplays wallet once the blockchain is live.

Vote for: billbutler-witness


Where can we vote?

It's on the testnet right now, so this is more of a placeholder at the moment.

Welcome and good luck @billbutler
I'm a plumber Bill. Don't really know what you're talking about but I trust you do and if I had a clue as to how to vote or where and why I'd vote billbutler-witness in several states! (you can do that right?)but I don't. I sprerku post weird zomb art and oddities along with thoughts and opinions and cathartic rants.
Witness on my brother, all the best to you.