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RE: Announcement – BTS Snapshot Date

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I am a cryptocurrency novice as Steemit is my first foray into this amazing community.

While I read each and every comment, I'm still a bit confused.

In order to participate in this Sharedrop with @peerplay would I be required to hold a specific amount of BTS in my wallets throughout the entirety of the event or may I add or subtract BTS as it continues?

Thanks folks. Looking forward to learning much more about PeerPlays, Steemit, BItcoins and hell, all of these fascinating new economies.

Edited to add: I'm thirsty for a mentor in cryptocurrencies in general and community building through new economies. Any sources or people I could speak with would be greatly appreciated!


During the period you have no idea what the actual date will be. If you like to gamble, you can certainly add and subtract. You just never know if the random time it happens is the time when you have little, or a lot at that time.
Generally speaking this means it's best to have the most amount of BTS possible in your wallet at the time of the sharedrop.

There are many communities to consider. Bitshares is a good place to start. Many of them are conveniently right here already. Check out #bitshares.

Thanks @peerplays!

Your response got lost in my feed. I will certainly checkout #bitshares to learn all I can.