Peerplays blockchain launched, and throwing my hat in to the witness list

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Today was a pretty awesome day.

A group of around 13 potential witnesses watched and waited for the Peerplays blockchain to launch all day, periodically checking in on telegram, and joking around with anticipation. In the mid afternoon hours, the chat lit up as one of the members noticed the 0.1.7 tag released on github, which compiled and attached to an already running chain. It was live!

The group set into motion, figuring out what was needed for this live chain, helping each other with configurations, and even lending PPY to each other to ensure the opportunities to get setup. Within a couple hours, all of the placeholder witnesses (the init accounts) were replaced by real people wanting to be witnesses, to help decentralize the Peerplays network and produce blocks.

All of this happened with very little direction from the official team itself - the little community really banded together, acted incredibly respectfully, and managed to get everything setup and working properly. I'm proud to have helped and been a part of it, it was a great group effort and I applaud everyone that participated.

You can view this small team of witnesses here:

With that being said - I'm tossing my ring into the Peerplays witness arena, and I'd appreciate your votes. My account on peerplays is the same as it is here, it's just jesta, and my witness node is active and running. The only way you can vote right now is via the cli_wallet, so most of you will likely want to wait for the web wallet ;)

While my main focus right now is still on Steem, there are some easy wins that I can produce to help Peerplays out, and I think that's where my value exists (at least for now). Without promising too much, here's a brief summary of this value:

  • I've converted a stripped down version of over to Peerplays, and am calling it
  • I have run both Steem and Golos witness nodes a long time and have a good understanding of the technical requirements for graphene-based blockchains. I think I have proven to be a decently reliable block producer with no ill-intent.
  • I've launched a Peerplays forum on chainBB to help foster discussion about the topic. I'll personally be active in them, since Peerplays is an interesting topic I want to engage with, and my experiences within Steem may prove valuable.
  • Providing a seed ( and a full RPC node ( for public use.

I am trying to approach Peerplays from a more technical (rather than developer) perspective - which I think is a very suitable role for witnesses. My developer hours right now are being poured into both chainBB and Vessel, but running an extra witness node and being on call for emergencies won't slow that down.

The graphene family of products, whether related officially to each other or not, have a lot to learn from one another. Cross pollenating these communities is such a great strength they inherently posses, and I'm very excited to see and hear more about this fledgling new community as it springs up.

Also since I know people are going to ask questions about Peerplays, here's a few answers to what I think you're about to ask:

  • No, the ICO PPY funds have not been distributed yet.
  • The existing PPY people are using for account creation comes from the BTS sharedrop - go find your account on, it's your username prefixed with bts-. You can import your active key into the cli_wallet to claim that share drop account. If cli_wallet is beyond your technical abilities - you'll have to wait for...
  • The web wallet/website isn't live yet - you have to use the cli_wallet on a linux machine, which you'll have to build from scratch. Not many people are using the blockchain yet for this reason.

Best wishes to the newly forming Peerplays community and the official team for wrangling all of this together!

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I found some on Thanks.

This is a great writeup. As a witness, it really captures the spirit of the day in bringing up the blockchain. It was pretty awesome watching and participating as the blockchain came to life.

You've had my vote from the start! Glad that you're involved. Makes me even more optimistic about the platform.


Yea i Agree with youu my friend

Thanks so much for the info about peerplays and! I just created my OpenLedger account a couple of weeks ago. I am wondering if I will be eligible for the share drop. Man, I really need to set up s Linux machine!

Blockchain is the best technology out there for the next 10 years.

I've ended up with a fair chunk of PPY courtesy the sharedrop; you will definitely have my vote.

I'm going to get there as soon as I can retrieve my info concerning the PEERPLAYS, my computer crashed about 2 weeks ago and I still patiently wait for a new one to come by... Congratulations, you sure get my vote!

Namaste :)

Good work. I have some stakes from the ICO so quote eager to see how peerplays go! Keep us updated!

You'll have my ~30 ppy vote as soon as I can access a web wallet. I'm looking forward to the Peerplays project, as it has a lot of potential. Thanks for your help in getting it off the ground.

Awesome, I've been waiting for the Peerplays chain to launch for a long time now! It seems like you have a lot of value to add. Good luck being a Peerplays witness :-)

Good luck. Glad you are part of this!

now you making us very curious about peerplays.

I've never heard of Peerplays before. It sounds great!


Yeah, likewise. I'll keep my ear to the ground on this one.

Have not gotten to wrap my head around PPY, what it is designed for etc...I have not been convinced of any real innovation. Will again look into it.


@btcparadise -im your 666th follower! 🤘🏻😈🤘🏻


I don't know if that's supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing... thanks :P

What is the difference in the tokens between the ICO and the sharedrop? I thought there was just the ICO. Can tokens be mined?


There was a share drop of tokens for BTS holders - I'm not as involved in BTS as I should be, so I don't have a lot of information on what that entailed. These tokens are separate from the ICO tokens, which will hopefully be released today.

PPY cannot be mined (just like STEEM), but witnesses do earn a small amount for producing blocks.


I'm really looking forward to the whole system they've got planned. Hell, I'm gonna hand out cards with small amounts for people to try it out with.

Good luck. Posted my noob question in ChainBB :D

Great info,good luck , upvoted.

Excellent article!

Help please! I can't upvote ever since I started getting a sliding tool bar and that's despite having 💯 % voting power. Any ideas? Thanks


Strange, it should be working. You have to click it twice now that you have the sliding toolbar, one to open the window and once to cast the vote.


Went on Steemit chat and someone suggested I try on the PC and it works on there, just not on my smartphone which is annoying as I can't vote when I'm out and about...
Thanks for taking the time to reply - I appreciate it @jesta

You bring so much to the table as a witness for PeerPlays, including a website,! Thank you Jesta! I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see the both of us run successful witness nodes!

@jesta Great contente Nice work!

vote my steem @jesta..!!
then I'll be a loyal follower..
good luck on your job,,,

Thank you. Following


Very Interesting! @jesta

Congratulations @jesta!
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Could someone explain the PPY, Witness, and peerplays to me like Im five.. Sorry its rather confusing, but Id love to learn!


Peerplays is a new blockchain (launched this week) focused on gaming and is running similar tech to Steem. PPY is the Peerplays network token, the equivalent of STEEM here. Witnesses are elected block producers for the network, voted in by the holders of PPY, and run specialized servers to produce blocks and earn rewards.

Hope that helps!


Very much so! Thank you very much, so its like steem for steam? haha

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each other

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Lol gave u almost 50cents meanwhile i can't give myself half a cent 😂😂

Thanks for sharing this article. I liked reading it.

man your on fire, super busy. respect! :) vessel looks interesting too! :) - i was thinking of running a witness on a cloud service like digitalocean or similar. what do you think or should i run it locally on a spare machine in a sandbox/container?

good stuff