Peerity's New Site and Alpha testnet begins NOW! Become a Peer server to earn 30% of tokens minted in the first year!

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Peerity Alpha Testing

What is Peerity?

Peerity is a blockchain based social activity network that rewards on and offline human interaction. Visit our New Site to read the latest version of the Peerity Whitepaper
This is for people wanting to become Peer Servers on the Peerity Blockchain. You can now run a node on our alpha chaincore!!!
Now you can visit our Gitlab Repo and run a node on the testnet
before deciding to purchase validator keys to become a Peer Server Node.

What does it mean to become a "Peer Server Node "

The Peerity Blockchain uses Tendermint
consensus engine. Becoming a "Peer Server Node" means that you have bought or earned keys to validate blocks on the Peerity Blockchain. A Peer Server Node would be the equivalent of being a witness on the Steemit or Bitshares blockchains. Peer Server Nodes, are a vital part of the chain gaining consensus before moving on to to the next block.

What is the difference between running a node on the testnet and running a Peer Server Node?

The short answer is block reward. Anybody is welcome to run a node for free on our blockchain but is not entitled to receive a portion of the block reward for unless they are unless they are a Peer Server node. In the beginning, Peer Server Nodes will be earning 30% of the tokens minted into existence!

Why run Node on our Alpha Testnet?

Buying Validator keys to run a "PSNode" before seeing a working demo would be a crap shoot. So, we invite Anybody interested in Running a Peer Server Node to run a regular node on our Testnet.

What is the price of the keys needed to run a Peer Server Node?

With the current demand for Peer Server Nodes and recent surge in BTC price validator keys for a Peer Server Node is 4BTC.
contact [email protected] to BUY NOW or discuss Installment plan.

Shoutout to @glitterfart @virtualgrowth @officialfuzzy And all of the Beyond Bitcoin Listeners and Participants!

May 22, 2017

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