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They say find a job you love doing and never work another day of your life.....

I spent my younger years traveling around snowboarding and I loved doing this. The Natural progression of the sport led us to inevitable broken bones, torn cartiladge, damaged brain cells, casts, and metal screws and plates implanted into our bodies.
So when the time came that I could no longer physically do it, well that was a confusing day.


The most confusing parts of life are the most important....

For me this was hard to understand and I still don't understand why this is. I was working jobs tht I did no't particularily enjoy not because of the people I or the demands these jobs put on my life but because I wasn't working towards anything that was changing the world.

Enter Blockchains

When I found bitcoin in 2012 I had no Idea I would be traveling the world to help educate people on a project ( that I just so happened to meet the right people and have the right conversations to lead me to where I am today. We are and because I am in a hurry today I'll just say we are a cross between and we use tokens to reward content creation of all types even human interaction. We are a community building platform to help people of all communities to fork from our Blockchain and become a chain of their own. The magic is they are rewarded for doing so all along the way.

My advice

Do what you do even If you can't understand why at the time it is what will lead you to where you are supposed to be!

Join Peerity Discord Server for deal on Presale tokens.



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Weldone bro! I seriously need minds like this to partner with. Your twitter link?

This looks interesting so I will check it out. I remember when snowboarding first became popular. It was supposed to be safer than skiing. But people like to do tricks with it and push the limits. :) Sounds like you were one of those people.
I respect athletes because they get the work done.
Much success to you and nice to meet you too.



In chatting with @officialfuzzy I am learning how to improve my approach to steemit. Less about performance and more about community building. I have a competitive side that really blocks me from being satisfied with just "doing what i love". Thanks for the reminder.


yeah, dude, we all need the reminder!


Balancing act... that's what I see. Best wishes

I have been excited about Peerity since CryptoHippy was chatting about it in Steemspeak. I made their twitter and facebook page and handed over the keys. I keep the buzz alive in the improv community to keep an eye out for the power Peerity can have within our community. Super excited about it's launch.

Interesting concept.
Gonna check out your clan, looks very very ineresting? Information is power and Computers are amplifiers of information all day long i right terms, right?

Post look good
Hope you succeed in this steemit

Looks good. Checking it out!