How can help US. Veterans

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The question is how can help my organization? Instead of a specific organization I am more interested in helping US. Veterans. There are many veterans’ organizations that Peerity could help.
• American Legion
• Disabled American Veterans
• Am Vets
• Veterans of Foreign Wars
• Wounded Warrior Project
• Combat Flip Flops

These are just a few of the organizations that help veterans. There are millions of veterans that face issues daily that many are unaware of. Issues with un-employability this differs from unemployment in that these people want to work but are unable to do so usually due to military incurred disabilities.
This is where Peerity comes in. can allow people like disabled veterans to seek out others who are in similar situations or have similar interests. Some veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder find it hard to go around large groups of people so it’s hard to socialize. A veteran could create a Peerity Event and invite other veterans who have PTSD or other veterans who have had success battling this illness. It could provide an outlet for these veterans to seek help potentially. I see the potential for support groups being created as peerity events, fundraisers could become peerity events, and any social meeting could be a peerity event. Any veteran or other person who attends these events could be rewarded with peerity tokens. As these tokens gain value attending these events could provide potential income for these veterans who may otherwise not be able to generate an income on their own.
The other area where could help veterans is through the posting of podcasts with educational materials and business opportunities that could be directed towards helping veterans to become self-employed productive members of society. I have seen many veterans have success with attending online educational programs, I am one of them. I received my undergrad buy going to school online because sitting in a classroom is not possible for me. I foresee podcasts with information ranging from Financial Education, Self-Improvement and Development, Business Start-ups similar to the (Rich dad, Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki). Once veterans hear about the opportunity to create events that other veterans could attend either online or in person this has the potential to help veterans reach out for help or advice but this could change lives. This will become explosive once these veterans learn that they will be rewarded just for posting about or attending these events. That is what is about Communities thriving so this could help recruit veterans who need help. This could help the veterans on an individual level by allowing them to find other veterans in their area who also have similar interests. By helping veterans to connect, create and contribute I believe that could truly help veteran’s lead better more productive lives. If this saves the life of just one veteran then it is a success.


Well that's group that I hadn't thought about Peerity helping. Thank you for sharing! We look forward to the day that we can help all humans! Follow us for updates on where the project is heeaded!