The knowledge I have; it crushes the soul. Knowing is a heavy burden.

in pedophilia •  8 months ago

You know what really burns me up, and keeps me awake all night? That one thing that weighs upon my being like a stone on a string, tethering me to all the horrible, horrible things that I see in the world?

It's just one thing:


Above all else, this has to stop. Nothing destroys the spirit more than this type of child abuse. It shall not be accepted as a sexual orientation, nor shall it EVER be accepted as legal or permissible.

There is a vast difference between sexual orientation and pedophilia. One is victimless, and is (usually) consensual. The other involves an innocent who has no idea what is happening to them; but it still affects them on an energetic level, causing aberrations in the psyche. The aberrations can manifest as multiple personality disorders or dissociative disorders. The psychologists of MK Ultra (before it was supposedly dismantled or halted - but guess what it really wasn't) sought out individuals with MPD to be used in their experiments of mind control.

MPD can also be caused by severe physical abuse, but it manifests more often in cases of sexual abuse or a combination thereof.

I am a survivor of severe physical abuse and I cannot fully imagine what sexual abuse does to a child inside their own mind, I can only see its effects on the outside, and in the behavior.





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Sara, that is so right on, to the point. I could not agree with you more. It is perhaps the worst of the worst travesties in our world. I am sorry to hear of your personal experience with physical abuse. I have suffered extreme mental and emotional abuse being brought up in a narcissistic/part psychopathic family. As hard as that is, I cannot even begin to imagine the suffering from the brutal satanic rituals done to these children. It surely must stop. Much love to you. <3

What would the followers of the #Satanic cults do if you would successfully outlaw pedophilia? Pedophilia and child abuse is written in their 'holy' books. It is a must for them. Maybe it is the followers of Satan you need to outlaw?

Have a look at these search results. You might not sleep ever again:


Yes, it is a huge problem... and if nothing else in this crazy world is STOPPED straight away, we must expose these psychopaths for the crimes they perpetuate under the cloak of "religion". It's really disgusting what they do behind closed doors to these children and how the churches around the world hide them away from any justice by the public!