December 21, 2017- President Issues Letter To Congress- Declares National Emergency

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Here is a link to the letter on the White House Website.......

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 6.57.58 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 7.12.53 PM.png

One may think that President Trump has declared this National Emergency to perhaps target North Korea or Iran's leadership BUT I believe that he has done this just in advance of the mass arrest of Luciferian pedophiles.

Take note that in the first paragraph of his letter to Congress he cites the Magnitsky Act which specifically targets those who commit human rights abuse- such as those who traffick, rape, torture, murder, an even cannablize children AKA Luciferian pedophiles.

I believe Trump and the Whitehats are going to deliver to us the merriest Christmas ever- I'm envisioning a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day address from President Trump.

I sure would like to know exactly who is listed in the Annex to this letter- my spidey senses tell me it's a very long list of scumbags who have victimized our children and all of humanity for so very long.

In case I don't post again until after Christmas I'd like to wish you all and your friends and loved ones a very Merrry Christmas. I am grateful for you ALL.

Here's a song that came on the radio today that I felt very fitting for the current situation- Never stop believing my friends- we are WINNING and our victorious finish line awaits all of humanity! I love you all!

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Funny that as I'm typing this this post has 284 views yet only 15 upvotes- no worries it's because I linked it on FB and Twitter- so glad people are seeing this info.

Perhaps steemit needs to reward authors for outside eyeballs- after all that helps promote steem right?

I really hope action is taken

Is this the same as the Magnitsky act brought by the Russian lawyer in the meeting last year during the campaign!
If so the story continues to get deeper in regards to the media and Clinton collusion to foment a coup against The President. It is comical that they tried to use the meeting against Trump and now he may just use the content of that meeting to get Hillary and her minions all locked up!


Trump enjoys playing these fools like a fiddle.


He is having fun! And I would be as well. Actually I am having fun watch him play them.