Daniel Tosh Exposes Pedo Youtube Channel (video included)

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Recently, there was a great post here on Steemit by @jery43 about a Youtube channel that investigates covert pedophile channels on Youtube.

I shared this with an activist and contact of mine who fights against child exploitation, Mellisa Zaccaria aka The Honey Bee (here's her Youtube channel).


A lot of us ran to sub to the channel that was exposing these hidden atrocities.

This seems to be a growing trend of ousting undercover pedo channels, because just two or so days later, Tosh.0 did an episode about one such channel known as Seven Super Girls.


The channel features young girls, all under the age of 18 as they made clear to brag about in their channel description. The girls are seen in some unnecessary and strange situations. Very innapropriate.

Seven Super Girls, along with its many spin-off channels, had collectively been viewed 12 billion times at the time Tosh.0's episode aired on June 20th.

I took a clip from the episode and uploaded it for you guys to see, here you go:

Tosh.0 Pedogate from Sheila on Vimeo.

Since the episode aired, Seven Super Girls has voluntarily gone on hiatus.


Small victory? Maybe. But a victory nonetheless. It's great that he chose to use his platform in such a noble, helpful way.

See the original Tosh.0 episode clips over on Comedy Central.
Do to regional blocking, some people arent able to view on CC.com, which is why I uploaded to Vimeo/twitter.

Thanks for reading, Steemonauts ^.^

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I saw some threads about these sorts of videos at voat/pizzagate. I watched a couple with superheroes and nursery rhyme figures. They were so unsettling. They had a very dirty feeling to them although they weren't pornography. The adults and the children seemed so nasty and abusive to each other, so it seemed like if abusers showed these to children it might give them the idea that their abuse is normal.

Yes now that I look at the Steemit post you linked to, that's what I saw, something to that "Frozen Elsa" video. It was dispiriting to watch as an adult. I can't imagine what videos like that do to children.

Thank You for this post! As an update this channel supergirls has been demonetized along with a couple other channels. They will slowly stop posting and/or start posting on other channels. I am glad where things have been taken so far and will continue to search and update along side investigateyoutube and people affected by this. Some channels like claymation and dolls are still allowed to post the content so far but soon hopefully not :)

Good news, thanks for the update! They already made millions, no doubt! They should be sued.

Yea no problem its great to see some change against these channels and no doubt they have made a lot so now during their "break" are they going to change their direction to something better or get a secondary to something in the future. We will see what happens down the road. I hope the cartoons get demonetized next as they are made like hot cakes for money.

This is so disgusting to see this is horrible i just cant stand to see something like this thank you for blogging about this to show there are sick peopke out there

Thanks for sharing and we are sounding the alarms and we fight against traffick and many things as we share and educate to make the world better. I saw the 7 girls before and as a man, it was tempting but we got to think about the morality, the abuse, and the psychology of those girls.... not to mention freedoms and rights and stuff.....

It was tempting

What did he mean by this...

I'm seriously. What was tempting @joeyarnoldvn?

jotting something down in small notebook

This is how easy it is for a kid on restricted mode to go down a bad path. The Peppa pig english episodes lead to videos of elsa losing clothes etc and the little pony well the image says it all

Sheilaaliens Sheila Allen tweeted @ 28 Jun 2017 - 19:35 UTC

Right on @danieltosh for getting this creepy channel taken down! #pedogate https://t.co/O9N27oMkpy

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