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There really is something very strange happening to Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and Joe Scarborough. After years of controlling the media narrative and to a large degree public discourse, they are now facing tough questions where ever they go.

Because their corrupt "team" no longer controls the Executive branch OR the narrative, and the hard questions surrounding these corrupt people are not going away - in fact, it's all just heating up.

Thank you for tuning in - and for UPvoting this important story.


They need to be in jail.

That is a brave young woman asking that question of John Podesta. A couple years ago he would have offed her for that. John looks a little thin, worried and like he needs a few more doses of adrenochrome to cope. Pizzagate is real. I went through all the materials before some of it was removed from the Instagram accounts. That Vault 7 release week was a great example of 100s (probably 1000s) of people around the world working together to go deep into all the Comet Pizza message boards and screen shot archive the evidence of child trafficking and murder. "Nice family pizza shop" as Hillary says... These people are psychopathic murderers free to commit crimes for way too long.

When I see them in handcuffs and wearing an orange jump suit. I will believe things are changing. We need truth and justice not a mirage of possible justice that continues on for years.

Well,i believe every government administration can't pose itself a saint on corruption. Delivering the goods is what makes a good government. And there is a question mark on that with Hillary's time as secretary .

muzakirpb upvote, posting is perfect

The end has got to be close for this lot. Surely it's too much of an embarrassment for the power structure to have these questions brought up at every public opportunity, which is probably going to happen from now on.

It's absolutely fascinating how these liars are so full of there lies, that often I wonder if they manipulate their own brain to actually believe the bullshit that comes out of their mouth. Although, how much better is the asleep sect of society to believe their bullshit while subsequently feeling so intellectually mighty for poking fun at "conspiracy theorists." It's sad as can be, but equally fascinating. Anyhow, I hope that child rapist, Podesta, and his good buddy Alafantis get thrown in general population in prison. We'll see how powerful they think they are then.

I learned a lot about reading this.

it seems like these criminals are only holding on because of the widespread followings that they have, if only these people could be awoken.....

I was in Israel in the weeks leading up to our last election. It was embarassing watching American news in another country. I hope we are still a strong country leading into next election cycle and get new people involved. It made me sick seeing the tax bill passed and not one democratic vote received. We need term limits in all seats of government in my opinion.

My 1st-thought that comes to mind is,
"I don't know how I can Thank YOU for the work YOU are doing Sean".
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Upvoted and Resteemed! Thank you for speaking the truth about this tough subject. The children need to be saved from this NOW!!

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