Howdy Doody Time Part II

in pedogate •  2 years ago 

I know that this isn't as earth shattering as "Rich people like weird sick art" while Pizzagate/Pedogate "investigators" are out looking in all the wrong places to boost their YouTube videos, there is at least someone still following the right narrative. A couple of months ago I did a post called Howdy Doody Time in which I posted a video (since deleted) by E.T. Williams aka The Doctor of Common Sense. In the video he points out the former FBI Director James Comey is fond of little boys dressed up like Howdy Doody.

David Zublick, one of the few commentators still on the right track, has posted a video that makes the same assertion as E.T. Williams did 2 months ago. In fact, according to Zublick's sources, it may have been what got Comey fired. there's little doubt that the FBI dropped the ball investigating both the Clinton Emails and Pizzagate. The video implies that President Trump may have a video damning Comey's behavior on Jeffrey Epstein's Orgy Island. This could very well explain Comey's reticence to investigate.


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Damn crazy stuff ! Really disgusting ! I know for a face that there are some sick people out there


I know! Howdy Doody lololol!!! At least Trump has appointed a special investigation team.

Go easy on "Howdy Doody"lol.. He helped this little kid out! ;-)

What I wouldn't give to see a Comey/Epstein Island video released.


Zublick says that Trump may have it! I seriously doubt that we'll get to see it... come to think of it, I REALLY don't want to watch Comey have sex with Howdy Doody!!!


I know right- block the kids out. If he has it he should release it TODAY- that'll shut the pedos up really fast!


Trump's in a pretty tight situation right now... The deep state is trying to get him impeached and he has to play both ends to the middle. He's pretty smart (much smarter than I am) and I think he knows how to play it properly.

dropped the ball?
I think the ball was stolen off the court, taken into a back room, then shot, stabbed, flayed, dissolved and stomped on.
Comey probably thought to himself, I could enforce the law... or I could continue breathing...

We either need a new word for the rich, or the rich.
There are a group of people of the 13 ancient families that practice every form of sedition and raise their children to be psychopaths.
The same group behind the monetary funds and globalization.
Yes, you can call them the rich.

But there is a group of people that worked their way up the corporate ladder or built a huge business from the ground up.
They are also called the rich.

These two groups should not be mixed up.
TPTshouldn'tB are specifically mixing this up.
This is the reason why Forbes doesn't actually print anything about the richest people in the world. If you got an actual list of the top 100, Gates may make the list at the bottom.