Powerful pedophiles world wide part 5

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Here is Jeffrey Epstein pedophile billionaire with ties to many in politics, fashion and hollywood who owns little st james island in the virgin islands. On this island he holds partys and has many famous people attend, most fly out on his private jet dubbed the lolita express. And many names have been logged as is standard. Some choose to opt out of going on the lolita express by taking a cruise ship there.
Here are a few pictures of his island.
Here is a what looks like a temple of sorts.

As you can see the scenery is quite elegant there is an owl statue too I can't find the pic when I do I will update.

Here are the flight logs that have many name including Bill Clinton many times. Kevin Spacy is on there as is Chris Tucker.

Here is a story breitbart did on Jeffrey Epstein and touches on his case, his island and Bill Clinton's involvment.

Here is an article detailing Ghislaine Maxwells involvement in the recruiting of under age prostitutes for Jeffrey Epstein and his friends.
One girl was 15 when she was hired by Ghislaine as a masseuse for Epstien.

Here is an article also naming Trump and many others as involved. So Jeffrey had stakes on both sides of the election. The girl was working as a towel girl at the Mar-A-Lago when she was recruited by Glislaine Maxwell.

Here is a website made by someone in the know because many leaks and little confirmations have been posted here.

Here is prince Andrew, victim Virginia Roberts and Glislaine Maxwell

Here is Ghislaine at Chelsea Clinton's wedding even after being known as a lurer of children into a life of prostitution.

Here is a collage of Ghislaine with various famous people.

Here is a picture of Jeffrey Epstein with Woody Allen. Woody Allen is another twisted character whom I will write about as things progress.

Here is a meme I found showing some of the people that flew on the lolita express.

Here is the best documentary on Epstein as it quite indepth and speak on his crimes, his victims, his history and his connections.
He has had numerous victims as many as 30 to 40 some as young as 12 and yet he did no actual jail time as he was placed in a seperate ward and had a work release that gave him 16 hours of freedom a day. Most the information in this video is from the court cases against him. He has victims world wide. I wonder if he is friends with Frank Guistra.

Why is it that these pedophile billionaires rarely face justice?

Why do the johns of the child exploitation networks almost always get away?

Why are the Clintons so chummy with those implicated in child rape and sexual exploitation?

What's with all the occult imagery that is often times elegant and expensive?

How much longer will YOU remain complacent?

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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

Thank-you @cfs.leaks for supporting @familyprotection

It's disgusting. This is going to break open over the next 6 months. What's happening is not just political theater, it's corruption at the highest levels being exposed. Dangerous people are getting desperate. Things are about to get interesting. @ironshield


Yes but we must work hard to expose it ironshield.

Expect an interesting turning of tables in Sweden.

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Oh wow. I can't say I've ever heard of him before. That is really sick and so sad. Thank you for putting this post together. That island looks pretty nice but a weird temple. I wonder what they do there...

important topic, resteem.

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Greed is a mighty powerful force but they will pay and lose all their money. There will be justice for the meek. Someday .... someday... it WILL happen.


Not if we do not act.

Doing nothing to stop, hinder or spreading awareness is complacency. Even if in your head you don't support the legal kidnapping or if you think pedophilia is evil if you do not act you support it. They act and if humanity does not react then we are enabling them in everything they do...


Everything takes universal time. Everyone is being set in place for their own story. These people will pay. Look at the #metoo movement, it finally took centuries for people to start listening to women who are being sexually molested by asshats in the industry. It is all being put in motion as we speak. We all have to do our part, that is a true fact, but not everyone knows what is going on yet.
I too was abused by the system in ways I still cannot comprehend, it was the most devastating thing that ever happened to me. To be unprotected by a system that I foolishly thought would protect me. But I have seen in just the last few years how the world has been turned upside down and more and more people are becoming aware. We just have to keep doing our part in educating, but remember to keep a healthy balance for yourself, so that you can stay strong and healthy in your mission. Turning your anger into a healthy strong steady course is where you will find your people that will stand beside you. I found that no one listened to me when I was a mess, but they sure do listen now that I have found my voice and my evidence in a calm manner. I am proud that there are others like you that are driven to help expose these creeps, but dont lose your mind. Stay strong.


Don't lose my mind, I will try not too.

But madness is a gift if you only make it so.

That's what lord Nelson appearently said before taking a fort and multiple ships in a navel battle with only his ship as all others retreated.


I hear you...