Friends Of The Orphans: The Clintons, James Alefantis & Laura Sisby

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First, I want to apologize for the quality (or lack thereof) of this video. I'm not familiar with the person who made it and had to watch it twice to make heads or tails out of it. The guy has good information, but difficulty disseminating it. Perhaps if he made a list of the order he wants to present it in would add clarity.

There is/was a relationship between convicted child sex trafficker Laura Silsby and the Clintons. There are emails from Cheryl Mills to HRC when she was Sec. of State informing her that Laura is in trouble and needs help. These have been released by Wikileaks months ago. Bill Clinton was appointed Special Envoy to Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. However, he visited Haiti prior to the earthquake to meet with the Friends of the Orphans, a group that was headed by Laura Silsby. Silsby was arrested for trying to enter the Dominican Republic with 33 children, who were supposed to be orphans. However, they were not, they all had parents. This was Silsby's second attempt to smuggle children out of Haiti.

Now there is evidence that James Alefantis is connected with Friends of the Orphans according to an article on (please see link at bottom of video). Once again I apologize for the lack of coherence of the video.

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Did anyone ever track down any of the orphans that Silsby had smuggled out of Haiti previously? that could be some powerful evidence

Not sure and this is what I don't get about the whole situation...nobody has come forward. Maybe because the ones that did after the Franklin scandal got thrown in prison. This is supposed to be going on for decades and there isn't any victims.

accepting the premise that murder is part of the kidnap/rape/torture cycle; there wouldn't be anybody to be a witness.

that is a logical assertion, but it's also circular logic.

but I find it strange that nobody from either side has tracked these kids down; did their trail end with Silsby?

I mean, if I were in the Ministry of Truth, I'd feel a little more credible actually proving there is nothing to Pizzagate then just repeating a mantra we are all sneering at.

On the other side, I can understand that individual researchers just don't have the funds.

Does that trail end at Sislby?

Waterboarding has it's purposes

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There's another woman named Coulter that is associated with Silsby (her confidante, I believe). I'm just starting to check her out. Check the last 2 paragraphs of these emails..."8 of 10 Americans released." There's a lot more than Silsby. Also on the Voat link there are more links that I'm just beginning to look at. Not sure what I'll find

good hunting man, but be good to yourself in doing it.

I get so mad reading the COINTELPRO material I want to go on a rampage sometimes. Here you had all these groups saying they wanted to overthrow the government by violent means, and were committing terror acts, but the bulk of the FBI response was to write poison pen letters.

anyway, my point is don't go batshit angry in your research!

Thanks...I'm too old and tired for that. Besides, I'm just another boring academic, not an activist. My interest is always analytical. When I was in college one of the profs asked my opinion of something and I told him, it should be interesting. he said "Fucking analysts, the aliens could take over tomorrow and you'd say 'oh boy, another system to analyze'."

I also go for the murder angle...that's what I've thought it was all along...drinking blood to preserve youth.

Checking out Dr. Tjeerd Andringa ...

He's an AI researcher. I haven't seen any of his papers detailing the kakistrocracy theory, but he was the supervisor for this thesis:
Coping with a Complex World: A Multi-Agent System on Authoritarians and
Lying Governments

damn it, I am still not done sorting new papers in my ref database, and here is a whole new line that fits in with my own interests.

I think I'll throw up a post tomorrow on this aspect, and we can keep this convo going


Interesting to see an academic paper that is addressing things that normally are 'not-done' being said in the academic world. I know many people from university and I realize now how politically correct most of them are, not touching anything sensitive, but going for the safe road to obtain their degree.

Thank you, I will read this later.

sick mothrfuckers. too much of it happening in the world w/o the "respectable" (spit) members of society taking part

I watched a good video today by James Corbett about Kakistocracy (rule by the worst). I've seen it before but it's worth a repeat...they say the same thing.