in pediphiles •  last year

What I find most disgusting about this is that the elites have been doing this for ever and you all pay tax to them. I also think in an odd way Government tries to normalize drugs and deviance in making it seem like it's much more prevalent than it is. I think this is a problem by design. A great example was the crack epidemic and now the opium one and how when we invaded Afghanistan I said watch in 5 years heroin will be huge in USA AGAIN. Because it happened like this in Vietnam too. Know your history or be doomed to repeat.

That said hormone disruptors and toxins are being added to water turning half the men gay maybe this also is having an effect on these deviants. Either Way this is one situation I think castration is a must.

I also think its very disgusting that RCMP and Police are busy harassing drug and people over policy enforcement and DO NOTHING about these crimes to the point where groups like this are popping up all over.

I would like to remind people of these 3 things. Pentagon/ 3000+ members downloading child porn.

UK Parliament Child Pediphile ring.

The ultimate CIA and elitist Honey trap is one that is using children this is well known espionage tactic used to manipulate the PIGS in power.

I could not even make it past 16 minutes of this Vice doc, I find it to be the most repulsive disgusting thing and if anyone ever acted this way towards my kid they would be pig feed.

Best way to keep your kids safe is never let them out of sight!

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