How to: Participate in Peculium Token Sale (TGE) *** 20% Bonus PCL ***

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First Employment Savings System [401 (k) alternative ] in cryptocurrency, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Alpha v0.1 available for testing.

  1. Visit and Click on Contribute now! + 20% Bonus
  2. You will reach this page:
  3. Click on “Create an Account” and you will be visited with this page
  4. Fill the information.
  5. Wait for some time until you get the activation link in your email
  6. Activate your account by using the link in the email. You should get following response!!

  7. Once you log in to your account, follow the link to your dashboard
  8. Secure your account using 2FA (preferably Google 2 FA and not text message)
  9. To change your password, Edit profile or change your 2FA use My profile part
  10. To buy the tokens follow the link “Buy Tokens”
  11. You will be greeted with this screen with all possible ways to pay for PCL tokens
  12. Once you select your option to pay (using cryptocurrencies) you will see that the order has been created [before creating the order you can select the amount of PCL you want to buy]. Please avoid using exchange addresses to transfer crypto.
  13. Send The relevant currency to the address shown in the box below the IR code

    Using wire transfer
  14. If you choose to wire transfer money you will be greeted with this screen

    The details required to transfer money are here
    Bank Name: SOCIETE GENERALE (04100)
    Code : 30003
    Account name: Upsilon Data
    Swift/ BIC: SOGEFRPP
    IBAN : FR76 3000 3041 0000 0204 8654 982
    Other required information
    Province/Region: Nanterre prefecture, Hauts-de-Seine/Île-de-France
    Zip code: 92014
  15. Wait for some time for confirmations of the payment on the blockchain
    The wait times for the blockchain confirmations differ by each blockchain
    ETH = 15 blocks (1 block = 15 sec avg
    LTC = 6 blocks (1 block = 2.5 min avg)
    DASH= 6 blocks (1 block = 2.5 min avg)
    BCH= 6 blocks (1 block = 10 min avg)
  16. You can see the progress of your order under the payment options
    Once your order is processed you can see your tokens here
  17. Claim your tokens
    While claiming your tokens, you will be presented with an option to enter your own ETH address.
    Only use the address to which you own the private keys. Following options will work.
    MyEtherWallet (no download needed),
    Mist (Desktop), Parity (Desktop),
    Jaxx (IOS/Android),
    imToken (Android),
    Trezor, Copay, Electrum, Greenadress.
    The claiming tokens will be done instantly so within a block time on ethereum (20 sec to 1 min) you should receive the tokens
    To see the tokens in your wallet please make sure that you have added the PCL token contract in your wallet
    The contract address PCL is
    Number of decimals = 8
    **ABI code can be found here: **
  18. Once you have successfully added contract to your wallet (please consult your wallet website on how to add a “custom contract” to your wallet) you should be able to see your tokens
  19. In any problem please visit our telegram and feel free to ask questions
    To join our telegram follow this link
  20. To get some free tokens via airdrop Use the airdrop use the link "airdrop" and join telegram.

    On telegram will manually verify you and allow you to join the airdrop (so be patient).
    You can also follow us on twitter and get latest updates and watch the youtube video to get some more PCL. But that's optional [and highly recommended!!... who does not love free PCL ;) ]

Become part of Peculium family and stay with us. Forever!!

UPDATE: PLEASE USE EITHER BCH, DASH, LTC, ETH to make a payment for your PCL.

BTC mempool backlog is 250,000 transactions which will significantly delay your transaction times

This might lead to expired orders !!

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Already got myself a small stash!!!

Getting excited for the platform to be released


We are excited too!!


Nice post, I'm Already followed Peculium about 3 month ago and I've see that Peculium showing us a fast progress.
I believe Peculium is the great place for my future investment (for everyone also) I think this is time for people to come and join on Peculium project and be a part of Peculium family 👍
Done vote and resteemed for you


Thank you so much for your support. This will be a long time partnership where we "predict" that we will win :)

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ok, help me reply

ok. helpme reply

Cripto bizleri ne gibi getirisi olur bizede yardımcı olun


Yeah Sure Thanking You

Great bro .... I really appreciate it.. Thanks

thanks for your suggestion broooo

💙 Great post. Very good writing,i like this post 💙

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Great Team ,Peculium will Moon!!!