ok I am able to log in and post on PEAKD again.

in #peakd3 months ago

I am almost getting a nice amount of steem to sell for hive. I hope I can have over 10k hive after this. I really need to be more active if I have that much money tied up in the platform.

Posting content on both steem and hive is still a good idea though. I still get pretty good upvotes on both. In some ways I think if I was getting 10 dollars a post like some people this fork would have turned it into 20 dollars a post.

Well either way I see zero reason to hold steem power anymore. Not unless I see some developers doing stuff. Which there are none. They all went to Hive. On that note, its important for dapp devs to understand that blockchain agnostic dapps are really where things should be.

We really should have more platforms that use multiple blockchains.