# The Peace Academy with @aggroed and @isaria // Episode 5 Show Notes and Audio // MSP-Waves Radio

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The Peace Academy with @aggroed and @isaria // Episode 5 Show Notes and Audio // Msp-Waves Radio

Show Highlights

  • With the Act of 1871, the United States became a Federal corporation.
  • After the Civil War, the United States was essentially bankrupt. International Bankers lent us money and the Act of 1871 was passed to form the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES.
  • US CODE: Title 28,3002 defines the United States as a Federal Corporation.
  • There is a current on-going court case where Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is arguing that THE UNITED STATES has no jurisdiction over her because it is a corporation.

Please Join Us For Episode 6 of The Peace Academy this Saturday 8-9 PM EST!

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Great content @aggroed
So many people are unaware of the truth regarding their country and financial system.
Trump isn't the President of the USA he's the CEO!

You have my full support which I've started from commenting on an important post like this, we can't leave it for the future generations, we must play our part in restructuring our world through peaceful means and unto liberty.

Thanks @aggroed.

hello aggroed very nice post

All Western governments are in fact corporations, incl. UK, Germany, etc.
The UPPER CASE spellings identifies the received as a LEGAL PERSON, not as a human being.

All Districts (D.C, and certain cities, such as LONDON are in fact independent of the 'federal corporation'. A birth certificate identifies a human being an officer of the corporation.

The biggest legalise scam in history - and the illusion of lberty.


Other than that and all the constant war and poverty this place is pretty awesome.

Sill better than Pretoria, Berlin, Mosul or Stockholm.
Thing is, accountability is going down the drain - and as @gomeravibz's last post shows, it may not stay awesome for much longer. The US (especially TX) is the last bastion of freedom and hope in the world in my view. It must be defended against the forces that hate Peace - Abundance and Liberty.

@isaria asked about solution:
In my view, the most potent solution is not to cooperate with the corporation.
Never volunteer information, funds or time to the entity.

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