The Peace Academy with @aggroed and @isaria // Episode 16 Show Notes and Audio // MSP-Waves

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The Peace Academy with @aggroed and @isaria // Episode 16 Show notes and Audio // Msp-Waves radio

Removing Consent

When you fight something you are actually acknowledging that it has power over you.
In a sense, this is a form of consent.

Completely removing consent involves dropping all energetic signatures that you might be feeding into it in order to not give it any power.

This is why it is said that the opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy.

Removing Consent from the Biggest Lie Ever Told

We are taught to believe that people from certain countries are an existential threat to our nation, and if we don’t kill them where they live they are going to harm us.
People believe this bullshit rhetoric and enlist to fight to protect our nation based on these lies, putting themselves and others in danger.

There is no need to fly a drone over some Third World country, dropping bombs and killing innocent people.
But this has become acceptable to us because we have been fed these lies since childhood.

This is not by accident. It has been purposely designed in order to control the masses by way of fear.
When there is an external threat, it is a lot easier to control people.
This has been happening since Ancient Roman times and still continues today.

The Greatest PR Campaign in History

The United States has unleashed the greatest PR campaign in history by deluding it’s own citizens into believing that it is the greatest country.
Our citizens have been brainwashed since childhood to believe that we are the only country that can provide freedom to everyone…..but it must be through force.

Forced freedom…is not freedom!

Those in power must create wars in order to justify the gross amount of military spending.
We have billions of dollars for unnecessary weaponry, yet we don’t have the money to take care of our own soldiers….or the millions of Americans currently living in poverty.

The Peace Academy Episode 16 Audio

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When you fight something you are actually acknowledging that it has power over you.

This is really deep. I think its true. You will only give a 'F*ck' to what bothers you. You won't be bothered if you have power over it.... So true. Thanks for this article...

The no doubt hardest life lesson for me to learn was this: Surrender isn't about winning and losing. It is simply about the cessation of conflict.

War in general, is good business. Particularly at this point in time where no enemy is strong enough to withstand the US and it only takes a few flag draped caskets to really keep people in line.

We've been in Afghanistan 16 years. Sixteen. Years. We've dropped enough ordinance on them to bomb every man, woman and child into the stone age. Where is there any appropriate return on that? The bottom line of the Dow. Only.

Thanks. Just thanks. I'll try to make the next one.


Too bad. As for returns, that is hidden for you to see. The insiders knows better, but don't think you can have answer for that

hmmmm..... sounds believeable.. i had a fair share of shit in my life... but yes i have a controll over my thinking and caring now... i hope it stays the same

I really like your posts aggroed, and I always wait for your post.

Nice post, thanks for sharing


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Thank You! ⚜

@ aggroed..upvote and resteem done.. I always wait for your post.

@aggroed, I quite agree with you "forced freedom is not true freedom" in every sense. You see countries forming alliance with other countries to annihilate another country.

You see Countries performing nuclear test, spending money on weapons and storing them.

If I may ask, what are they storing them for?

Who are they storing them for?

Our leaders need to look at things differently and positively.

If we live in Peace, this world would be a better place for us all


There is nothing wrong with with weapons if it is for protection, but not to kill and make innocent souls survering

Peace forever in platform steemit :)

Sonetimes negative and unwarranted belief is caused by the fact that man always takes to history to make their decisions, there should be proper orientation and not orientation of prejudice.
Amazing here

'There is no need to fly a drone over some Third World country, dropping bombs and killing innocent people'
At least you accept that..
Most people are of the view that this is the right thing to do..
Peace can't be achieved like this.
Hopefully the future will be a better place


Quite agreed with you. The future: maybe. Dr Wallace Wattle says to

Mereka yang berkuasa harus menciptakan perang untuk membenarkan jumlah bruto pengeluaran militer.
Kami memiliki miliaran dolar untuk persenjataan yang tidak perlu, namun kami tidak memiliki uang untuk merawat tentara kita sendiri ... atau jutaan orang Amerika saat ini hidup dalam kemiskinan. Saya sangat menyukai posting anda. # @aggroed

It's awesome... really liked a lot :)

Your post is very good to me. upVoted you all the time


Hi @àggroed your post is very nice I following you and keep seaport and keep follow me

This is why it is said that the opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy.

That's interesting, I need to think on that for a while, thanks for posting stimulating topics. If America is not the greatest country who is?


Think hard, you will gain something from this. I bet


I have been a lot of places, America is pretty amazing, it's far from perfect, but where is better?

Great ! nice post.

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I don't care what people might think. But I will say, you hit it right. At this digital age, it is about intellectual war, not physical war. If truly they can give hope, why the destruction. There is always a better way than violence.

Lying fighting for the less privileged you killed in millions. The hidden fact is that. No fight if no gain. You hate them but still spent billions in dollars fighting killing them in the name of freedom.

As my people will say, the devil will give you hen to rare expecting cow. That is who you are