The Peace Academy Curriculum // Waking Up To The Truth Part 1

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The Peace Academy Curriculum // Waking Up To The Truth // Part 1

Before we can achieve Peace, Abundance, and Liberty we need to truly understand our current broken system.

Part of waking up is realizing that most of what we have learned has been a lie.

The American public education system is really a weapon of mass destruction designed to pit us against one another.

The fact is that our schools teach us the exact opposite of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty.

The system is designed to indoctrinate us with propaganda and prepare us for our future of economic slavery, teaching us WHAT to think instead of HOW to think.

It is purposely designed to teach us that others are a threat to our actual existence and that if we don’t invade, kill, and take their resources then we will suffer.

They indoctrinate us with a strong sense of Nationalism, teaching us that we are the strongest, the best, the smartest, and that every other nation is subpar.

The reality is that people in other countries are simply just that.
And we should not be killing them.
We are all just human and we all share common experiences.
We just happen to be born in different places.
We don't need to be bombing seven third world nations.
We don't have to take their resources.

I'm reminded of a great quote by Mark Twain:

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”

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Very very true. We're taught lies from an early age in order to "keep us in check." Systemized oppression. This is why I believe in entrepreneurship so much. To me, it's as if the name entrepreneur is synonymous with the name rebel. Going against the system that we're taught.



I can dig it.

What does loyalty to country mean anyway? It's just a place where you're born. In fact isn't this is the antithesis of your original statement that all people are just people, it shouldn't matter what country they come from. Flag worshiping America first mentality is exactly what has gotten us into this gingoistic xenophobic nation of war mess in the first place Shouldn't it instead be just loyalty to fellow humans, and only when justified?

Your post really touched me, it made me remember the true teachings of Christ which is totally different of what religious folks are teaching and practicing today.

Then said Jesus unto him, Put up thy sword into its place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.
Matthew 26:52

Men tends to acquire peace with violence, that's not the really peace, when you force someone to surrender through arms and through force, that's not the real peace that can sustain our word because your foes do surrender by force and by fear yet with high intensive bitterness and grief which must explode one day into revolution and retaliation! Reall peace is a product of genuine love, oneness and liberty!

Humans has really messed things up a great deal.


If most of those who label themselves "Christians" or followers of that other religion they claim is "a religion of peace" thought that way then we'd be in a much better place today.

You could rewrite the entire last 40 years of my life and we'd probably have jet packs and flying cars by now... Well at least America could have decimated defense spending, have zero debt, made trillions selling oil to other countries and put it in a sovereign account like Norway did, and have a fortune which we could use to help other countries. We'd also be well on the way to eliminating needless gun violence saving the lives of thousands per year, have free healthcare for all saving or extending the lives of thousands per year, have stuff driving cars already saving the lives of thousands per year and all be enjoying European levels of standard of living being happier and healthier. That sounds like true peace love and abundance to me...


Your comment is wow 😳.

Thanks 🙏🏽.

I wish more people would wake up and realize that if the government lies to them about all the smaller things, then people can be mislead to believing the bigger lies like: evolution, dinosaurs, gravity, and the spinning globe earth. These 4 are among the biggest, and the hardest subjects for people to put their cognitive dissonance aside on and learn that what they have been taught in school was a lie!


Or the even bigger lie, Magical Beard Man who lives in the sky

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Thank you for sharing this @aggroed I had not enough idea about this

I've not heard that quote before but I think I may be using it in the future. Especially when teaching my kids about government! Something I am currently doing with the older 2 as we have a state election coming up.

Great post and so true. Of course this is the reality that most are unaware of so that a few can have most if not all. The masses in the US though are comfy punching their time clocks, curling dip chips and salsa to sports and reality TV until it's someone else's turn to do so somewhere else..........

Although I am not sure how the Peace Academy Curriculum will role out but if it provides a chance for us to achieve Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, count me in.

We certainly have some precarious times ahead and the more we have moving in the right direction the better. Tipping point is here and the momentum has started, the key is to keep it going.

Thank you @aggroed for directing our attention and intention toward something that will work for the greater good. Can't say it enough....I am really glad I found the Steemit platform.

Let peace BE the journey!

I totally agree with you! Congratulations excellent post!

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