Techniques to Deal with Passive Aggressive Behavior

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Techniques to Deal with Passive Aggressive Behavior


The first step is to be able to recognize it in the first place.
Passive Aggressive behavior is deliberate and a form of manipulation. The behavior purposely sends mixed messages that can be confusing. Trust your instincts. If you feel that someone is being passive aggressive then they probably are.
My last post about passive aggressive behavior gave some great examples to help you to recognize this behavior.

Here’s a quick review:

  • Someone who insists they are fine even though they are clearly angry
  • The silent treatment
  • Agreeing to a task, but acting sullen and hostile while doing it
  • Procrastination
  • Pretending not to hear a request
  • Using manipulation instead of assertive communication
  • Deliberately acting in passive aggressive ways in order to incite anger in another person

Openly Acknowledge Their Anger

Stop walking on eggshells and point out the elephant in the room!
Passive aggressive people refuse to acknowledge their anger and try to keep it underneath the surface. The best way to deal with it is to acknowledge the existence of their anger in a non critical way.


Sometimes people engage in passive aggressive behavior with the specific intention of angering others.
You need to be able to manage your emotions and make the choice not to engage in what is essentially a deliberate power struggle.
This will help to de-escalate the situation and ultimately bring you peace.


Great advice buddy.
I've always thought the 'silent treatment' was pathetic and have no time for those who attempt to manipulate others through its use.
Use your words not your silence.

This picture is captivating... Those who are aggressive might have been heartbroken before or people have treated them unfairly before and that's why they are aggressive.. the best way to relate with this kind of person is just to distance yourself a bit from them and don't try to make jokes around them because they might misunderstand what you're trying to do.. thanks for sharing this

Using manipulation instead of assertive communication

On your list and even though I knew it was passive aggressive reading it with the others made it click. Short but ensightful post aggy, will you be writing a book on this topic too to see for crypto?

Book... What's that?

Very very intellectual post! Loved it! ❤

Thanks for this. My preferred method is empathy.

You are very correct. Another thing is to try to shun any form of anger.

Disengage is my strategy of choice but it also comes from finding my center and things I hold to be true. That way all passive aggressive energy doesn't resonate or stew, and ultimately bring me to a bad place. Great Post.

Thanks for sharing, is useful for everyone of us.. This new year, we have to be better in everything. Stay blessed!

Hay my name is ubay. I agree with you that the peraon who hold his angry but in reality is angry is not good person i think.

@aggroed It is a nice post. I think an introvert type of personality is mostly affected by passive aggressive behavior. Since they are not expresssive and vocal of their anger they resort to silence and resentment. They are scared of being assertive sometimes because they have doubts wether of themselves or thinking and actions. Some people are angered by their silent treatment, it is intentional because they are afraid of confrontations.On the other person, silence may means "you're ignoring me".

Passive Aggressive behaviour is somehow difficult to point out but I think it can be easily managed after diagnosis problem.I like your post and think after following these instructions we can easily control all these behaviours.

Conflict between people is inevitable. Never avoid conflict. And don’t attack or undermine others when standing up for something you want.Aggressive people come from an “I’m okay, you’re not okay” position.Therefore, when dealing with aggressive people at work be assertive, always stand your ground, and say what you have to say. :)
love from pakistan <3

Hi aggroed, I have seen it in some of my close friends, I generally go ahead and acknowledge their anger in such situation, but it didn't helped me much. How to acknowledge anger in non critical way ?

Thanks for sharing, is useful for everyone of us.. This new year, we have to be better in everything. Stay blessed!

Aggressive behavior is an indirect expression of anger when someone tries to harass or hurt you in an unclear way. The challenge is that this person can easily deny all his actions. People often behave this way because they have not learned how to handle the difference properly. Here are some ways to help someone whose behaviors are not aggressive.

Nice post dear I impressed you. Great knowledge.

I was early to join steemit. I have followed you, if there is time to see my blog and give a good voice steemit community

Befitting picture! Passive aggressive behaviour is more serious than the attention it gets and quite often lead to many issues such as bully, intimidation, abuse and even death. This post is a life saver. Thanks a lot for sharing

very helpful and informative post

Create an environment where the person feels safe; act like you will not hesitate to speak. Feel that it is better for everyone to say it when you post things or cover them up and listen to what they say... @aggroed

Picture is showing everything, I think she is silent and looking with innocent looks so opposite thinks she is just poor haha Lol.

Hi @aggroed.. Thanx for sharing valueable informations.. I found it helpful in treating anger. Your suggestions are good to change someones behaviour.. I just applied them after reading post and found them effective.. Thank you so much..

Always try to avoid anger

but they were very helpful at that time..

great knowledge dear its help us u r genius

Nice short article! It's obviously very important for people to be aware of subtle forms of manipulation, especially in relationships. I think we need more articles like this to inform and warn others. Some people can enter into relationships and remain there for years completely oblivious to the fact that they are being emotionally manipulated!

I'm now going to now check out your last post on passive aggressive behaviour, and look to see if you have similar posts in your blog. I will follow your posts, thank you!

a very helpful and informative post , nice one @aggroed

Also you should point out to the person being passive-aggressive that they are. The behavior could be triggered from past trauma that they haven't resolved.

Passive-aggressiveness most definitely is a learned coping mechanism that will continue to be utilized until the person realizes that it isn't serving them.

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Nice post! Thanks for sharing that lesson on how to deal with passive agressive behaviours. I upvote yoi

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It is also important to realize if it is a one off issue or a behavior trait if that P/A individual. Methods of engagement may need an individual response.


Am a little confuse,what if you try these techniques and the person in question still dont want to acknowledge their shortcomings what would one do..

hmmm!! I always have heard the term, and I thought I knew what it meant.. but this very clear list with the traits, is actually bringing some light to certain situations to my attention lol! I like that you have tagged this peaceacademy :)

I myself can do the whole "I'm not angry" routine which never helps in the end. You're right in that its almost always better to be frank about things and air them out.

Very useful information. In world that's increasingly stressful where almost everyone feels constantly under the pump it's important to recognise that other peoples actions and attitudes may be a result of their stress and not their true personality.

This being said, it's always important to look after yourself first!

Add to recognizable symptoms:
(1) Speaking of a person's project in a demeaning manner, especially in group settings without addressing the person directly that it is directed toward.
(2) Badmouthing people or criticising their work without addressing peson directly.

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This photo is charming.
The individuals who are forceful may have been crushed earlier or individuals have treated them unjustifiably earlier and that is the reason they are forceful.

the most ideal approach to relate with this sort of individual is simply to separate yourself a bit from them and don't attempt to make jokes around them since they may misjudge what you're endeavoring to do.. a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this...

You taught me very important factor of personality today

The best way to deal with it is to acknowledge the existence of their anger in a non critical way.

Passive Aggressive guys are always tough to deal, so this is the best suggestion i got from you. I will follow it onward & this is going to help me both at my profession and into my family.

Waiting for your next blog impatiently

Please! keep sharing such beautiful suggestions @aggroed

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Thank you for this post, very helpful indeed

Also, If possible and appropriate, get to know the passive-aggressive to understand their behavior and try to avoid being the passive aggressive’s trigger.

Passive aggression is one of the worst and most malicious forms of aggression, thanks for raising the awareness about it.

Thank you! I've learnt something!

There sure is a lot of passive aggression going on, often though when you point it out it just turns into active aggression so I am not sure what to do at that point.

grrrrrrs , wags tail then bites. dawg smiles :D

Thank you, Great advice and good thing this topic is getting more attention! People need to be more aware of this type of behaviour, things like "disengage" might work, but if you live or work with the "passive aggressive person", always "disengaging" can become "passive aggressive"... It would be useful if you could provide us with a practical example of "Openly Acknowledge Their Anger"...

great post bro. that post learned me about some unknown skills. thanks.

Passive aggressive manipulation is an extremely common trait in people as society becomes more self-centered, selfish and judgmental. Instead of voicing opinion and finding common ground in situations, they manipulate using this tactic.

There is little doubt that communication is a dying trait, with most interactions are done via text. In fact, a large percentage of the yonger generations prefer text over any other communication.

The issues with this is that passive-aggressiveness results in damage to the victim, damage in self confidence and they engage n the same behavior to cope, or they submit to the behavior and accept it as normal, never reaching full potential.

Excellent short article.

[email protected] hi sir I do really like your posts i wanna follow you i like what i just read thats really a lesson for me on how to hanlde that kind of person..

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Thank you very much for posting so beautiful a post to us

Great post!How do i disengage from a boss or colleague that use this as a manipulative tool when we have to work together all the time? They are not introverts so i know it is not because they are unable to express how they feel. Acknowledging their anger doesn't help either because they feigned ignorance and make you look crazy to everyone else. Very frustrating!

There's little I find more annoying than passive aggressive behavior,